Gibson is officially 3 months old today! He has had an exciting few days.

This weekend, I took him home to my parents (my parent's house has always been known as "Disneyland" to other kids and dogs because of their big back yard, pool, lots of fun toys my dad would make, etc., and it's surrounded by woods) to play and meet some new people. I took him to a party down the street at a neighbor's house, and he got to play with a huge american bulldog and some kids. There was a little 3 year old who really scared him though. She is really rough w/animals and tried to pick him up by his head and kept pushing him down. I wanted him to get used to being around kids, but not if they are going to scare him! So I sat by her the entire time and told her to be gentle with him and by the end of the party he was a little more comfortable around her (phew). On the walk home, I let Gibson off-leash and he was awesome!! He walks so much better than he does on a leash. He just loved running through the tall weeds and would mimic everything my parent's black lab (Coal) would do :) If she ran through the weeds he would too.. If she picked up a stick he would find something to pick up too.. it was adorable! The next day we took him for a super long walk through the woods on a trail and around a lake. He was in heaven and such a good little guy. At the lake, my mom was throwing a ball in for Coal to fetch and Gibson was so interested in what she was doing. So much so, that he got too close to the water and fell in! He went under for a second and then came up and started paddling around until I grabbed him out of there. He was a little scared, but then he kept going back by the water to see if he could do it again haha. I'm glad he's a brave pup. After that he even ran down a steep hill after Coal to jump in the creek down there and then ran all the way back up! I was impressed! haha. When we got back home, he slept the ENTIRE rest of the day, it was awesome! haha

Monday night was his first obedience training class. I must say, he was the best behaved dog there :) 90% of the class were retrievers puppies, and then there was a pitbull, a bulldog, a rat terrier, some kind of fluffy dog, and a miniature fox terrier. So yeah, most of the dogs were gigantic compared to Gibson. The trainers dog is a HUGE doberman too, yikes! Anyways, when we got there all of the dogs were barking and pulling on leashes to try to get to the other dogs like crazy..and Gibson was just sitting nicely next to me wondering what all these weirdos were doing. He was very scared at first, his little legs were shaking, but then played a little with the fox terrier and a lab puppy, so that made him happier. Back to the class itself...The first night all we did was practice walking on a leash, it was VERY tiring. We'd have them sit and then heel..then just walk and turn around different ways then stop. Gibson did ok, but he would not walk on my left side! He also got very tired at one point and kept stopping (which would pull the collar too tight and he would yelp, poor little guy :( ) and then some dorky puppies would think he was a little chew toy and would go after him. It was exhausting, but I think he actually learned a lot. The next day when I walked him he actually walked with me the entire time! No stopping or fighting or pulling to go back home, yay! And if I'd say heel, he'd speed up to catch up with me. It's great! I can't wait to practice more and show him off in class next week :-D

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Comment by Kelly on October 2, 2008 at 10:38am
I was surprised that they started w/that already too, but it seems to work!
Comment by Alla on October 1, 2008 at 12:35pm
Interesting, that they've started with Heel command. We've started with a clicker and Watch Me command.
Good job, Gibson! Kelly, thanks for an update!

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