If you have not read Bruce Cameron's two books "A Dog's Purpose" and "A Dog's Journey" I highly recommend them.

He has written a poem that brought tears to my eyes, I wanted to share with you. Grab a tissue.

Was slated that it come to pass

That I would be with yu

Your faithful dog, your furry friend

Until my journey's though.

Through puppy times of boundless fun

And in times more mature

I've wanted nothing more from life

Than your hands upon my fur.

But now a slowing of my gait

Marks passage of the years

A dimming light with which to see

Sounds soft upon my ears.

Soon will be the time, my friend

For one last walk with you

And then with mercy you'll complete

The task that you must do.

I've loved you for these many years

And worry with a doubt

All this time I've been your dog

How will you live without?

For dogs who've served their people well

There is a place I'm told

With waters warm and gentle sands

And light of sunrise gold.

A place to play while marking time

Until your journey's end

And then you'll come to be with me

Your dog, your one true friend.

That's where I'll be in time come soon

It is a dog's reward

And I'll be waiting there for you

Upon that golden shore.

-Bruce Cameron

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Comment by Ciara & Macy on August 29, 2012 at 9:36pm

I love both of these books. It really puts things into perspective on how they really think. (supposedly) lol Love this poem too.

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