So it has been a week since Latte arrives, I am dead tired, but never been happier!

Since This page is not really active I will treat it as a diary that I can look back to one day.

I am an over thinker and tend to worry a lot, atm I worry whether I have been training him well.

Potty train Progress:

Perfect with peeing on pee pads BUT poop always misses the pad :(


*I think he got ear mites? Cleaned his ears and see if it comes back.

*On worm & on flea prevention

Commands He can already do:




*HIgh Five

*Let Go

*Look at Me

*Give Me


*Latte (his name, cue to look at me)

All these basic commands need to be taken a step further in different room and with distance.

Commands that need to further be reinforced:

*Leave it


*Follow me (Heel)

*Take it

*Get it

*Off (Stop jumping at people)

*Slow (Taking food from hand slowly, 80% there)

Behavior Problem:

*To Stop him going for my hair

*Get him to follow me on leash (he will just sit there and plant his butt :(......)

Socialisation progress: Been having him listened to thunders, cats, fireworks and baby crying audio. Been letting him sniff my bunny and hold him back when he tried to jump. Seen man, woman come and go to our house. taking him out once hes fully vaccinated,


*He doesn't bark at vacuum

*He is somewhat okay with nail trim (Need to work on back leg)

*He is ok with being held, rolled over, belly up, eyelid check

*Need to work with the gum & ear checking

*Need to work at brushing his fur (He tries to chew on the brush)

*Need to work on tryin to lie down with the human

All in All he is a very good boy, I hope he will stay that way and not get too much into adolescent issue. Meanwhile all I can do is be prepared for anything that may arise.

Most importantly, lots of play, talking to him and pets to bond (and ofc with food too)

Feel free to comment/give me advice :D There is still a lot of socialiisation to do! whew!

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Comment by Natsuhi Shirosaki on June 3, 2018 at 10:08pm

hee hee thanks for the reply!
yes I have been getting people to come to my house. he's super happy but I got a bit jealous lol. somehow it seems he enjoys being pet by other people and not me? maybe Im doing it wrong, when I pet him he just kinda...not smile? :( this one broke my heart. he usually just looks at me with full attention, awaiting my command.

Trying to work on him getting calm down when I flip him over, sometimes he wiggles and growl a little and I told him sternly "NO" and release him when he calms down. 
(is that correct?) he is ok with being held and grabbed fortunately, just turning a bit hyper sometimes.

Also brought him on my bike so he can hear traffic, see people going around...hes getting his final shot today then I can go full steam for socialization (bringing him to office, to parks, to cafes)

He is doing a bit better with the brush.

Thanks chris I didnt know they can go through another fear with things they are ok before. how do you handle that? so far he's okay with vacuum and hair dryer.

Comment by Chris Payerl on June 2, 2018 at 12:11pm

When we got Poppy, we would carry her when we went out on errands so that she could get used to traffic sounds, people coming up and petting her, seeing other dogs, etc. She learned early that when she hears a high pitched, "AWWW!" it means somebody wants to see/pet her and now she stops and looks around when she hears it and heads over to the source for some adoration! She loves meeting people and all dogs are her "best friends."

Missing the pad for poop isn't too bad as long as it's close to the pad; dogs don't always seem to understand where their hind ends are. He may think he's all the way on the pad if his front paws are on it, even if his rear is off it.

The desensitization is good, but be aware that pups can develop fear of things that they once were fine with. Poppy HATES aluminum foil and barks like a maniac at it for some reason, even though it never used to bother her.

Get him used to teeth brushing as soon as your vet recommends. I'd even suggest letting him just lick at a brush now so that he's used to seeing/tasting it. 

The hair chewing is a puppy thing. They love hair, fringe, strings, etc. All my pups have gone after hair and if you just stand up when he chews on your hair and tell him no, he will learn to stop --- eventually. 

He's doing well with the commands. Be sure to start socialization with people (and dogs you know have had all their shots and are healthy) so he will learn how to behave around others. That can be hard to train in an older dog. The commands are much easier to train in an older dog.

Most of all, enjoy every minute of his puppyhood!

Comment by Alison Prasavath on June 1, 2018 at 3:43pm
When we got Harry, I asked the kids on our cul-de-sac to take turns holding him, petting him and talking to him. After the first week, all the kids made the comment that he no longer shakes when they hold him. Now, Harry LOVES kids. He literally squeals with delight when he sees kids.

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