I am supposed to take Teghan to an agility trial tomorrow (just to watch) with my mom, who is running her Corgi, Brolyn. It may not happen though with this bad weather coming in. It's supposed to hit us just as we would be coming home and I'm not thrilled with the idea of driving in the wind or a possible tornado. I also have three girls and being separated from them with the threat of dangerous weather is not appealing either. So we'll wait to see what the weather man says tonight about tomorrow and then decide. It's a shame! I was really looking forward to taking a break to watch mom run and Teghan was super excited about watching Brolyn practice this past Wednesday. Guess I'll have to wait and see what the final decision is!

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Comment by Stephanie on November 17, 2013 at 11:43pm

The weather came through here today and it made a mess of many small towns and villages in our Central Illinois area.  I have never been to a live agility trial.  I love to watch them on television and bet it would be great fun to be at one.  Hope everything worked out for you.  My son's Kallie Corgi is in beginning agility and I love watching her as she slowly learns the commands, etc.

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