We're moved into the new place. It's not put together, and the old place still needs cleaning. There is so much more room in the new apartment! We never know where Eddy is. Upon moving in, Eddy has developed some new and undesirable habits. I expected some naughtiness to arise because we neutered him and moved in the same week. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt.

He loves to chew on his new roomate's stuff - my best friend, whom Eddy never lived with. Sad for friend.

He developed a taste for cardboard - since all the moving boxes were always sitting around.

He's discovered for the first time that he can hide under beds, behind a mirror leaning against a wall, inside a drawer, behind a door, etc. Adorable!

He's peed on 2 people. First, my neice, who is visiting from Alaska. And secondly, Mike (!!!) who Eddy has lived with since he was a baby!!

I guess that's it... not too bad, and none very surprising. Mostly I hope this submissive peeing thing won't become a habit.

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