It seems to be that Eddy doesn't really like to play with smaller or even similar sized dogs, like basset hounds, various medium terriers, weener dogs, etc. He truly prefers playing with biggies like shepherds, danes, pits, etc. Of course he will play for EVER with any breed puppy, just because he is also a puppy, but when it comes to adult dogs, he goes for the larger ones.

And their owners are so worried Eddy is going to get mauled or trampled... and I'm like, yes he might get rolled on, but so what? It's not like I'm going to file a lawsuit or something, and be like, "Your Honor, I never suspected a great dane could crush my corgi."

So those german shepherd and rotti owners are like, "Oh, HMMM, let's go over here.... doo dee doo dah...." and wander far away from Eddy and I. So not fair! Eddy loves wrestling with biggies, getting pinned and being allowed to pin, stopping to clean their slobby, open mouths, and getting chased and rolled in the dirt. And the giant, adult dogs at the park are always so gentle and careful, because they know Eddy's a puppy I think.

I don't know what to say... Eddy loves wrastlin' with hugies, he gets sooooo tired from it. And he hasn't been injured (I know: yet). So I'm like, "Oh, no! Don't worry, he loooooves big dogs and he doesn't get hurt." But still they go away.... :(

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Comment by Sunni A. on August 5, 2009 at 11:54pm
I'm glad most of you agree w/ me... Eddy started out with, and is growing up with, a big german shepherd, so he knows how to be submissive and then coax them into playing HIS WAY. Also, most of the biggie dog owners I'm speaking of are at the public, very busy/crowded dog park, where there's tons of teacup chiuauas and yorkies and dogs MUCH tinier than Eddy, and those biggie owners know it too.
Comment by Corgibyassociation on August 3, 2009 at 2:20pm
Freya grew up with a Weimaraner (a 70 pound dog) and from the get go he got on her level to play with her as he was so happy to have a doggy companion to play with for once. They played tug and I monitored them when they played the chasing game (he does have a prey drive and had to make sure it wasn't directed to her--which is something to keep in mind with bigger dogs.) Sometimes they wrestle too.

Freya seems to really enjoy playing with Milo, my foster dog. He's a corgi mix and weighs about 30 pounds and he's taller than her but not by too much. They go for full on wrestling attacks and chasing games too. They love to tug too. They play all kinds of games together. I think she really likes it because she can stand on his back and head which is rare with Cloud.

Though honestly, I think Freya is socialized enough to enjoy the company of any dog so long as they warm up to her. She also played the chasing games with my mom's Chugs (Chihuahua/pugs) and they are fairly close in weight too as well as size.

But I do like to be careful and make sure I watch when she's with a bigger dog. Not all of them are gentle and some dogs prey drive can be triggered.
Comment by Cassie and Jaunty on August 3, 2009 at 12:34pm
One reason I decided on a Cardigan is because I wanted a small dog that was going to be sturdy enough to play with my Ibizan hound, Mi. But when I brought Jaunty home at 12 weeks old, he seemed so tiny, I have to admit that I was afraid that Mi may hurt him. Well apparently I wasn't giving Mi enough credit. He was very gentle with Jaunty and I was impressed. As Jaunty grows (he's six months old now), their play has gotten rougher, but I still see Mi holding back so he won't hurt the short one. One of my favorite things to watch is when Jaunty is running as fast as his little short legs will take him, and Mi who can run about 35 miles an hour, trots behind him, pretending that he can't catch him. My only concern now is that Mi doesn't have much of a beard or moustache left because of Jaunty chewing on it, not sure what the judges will think of that when Mi goes in the ring at the end of the month. Once and a while the neighbors still hear me yell "your squishing him!", but I couldn't be happier with my boys close friendship. I agree though, that not ALL large dogs are going to be nice, for that matter, large or SMALL may not be nice. I reccomend both dogs be on lead when they first meet, and watch their body language, there is usually a subtle warning before the fur flies. Good luck, I love brave puppies!
Comment by Kyle, Megan and Loki on August 3, 2009 at 10:46am
One of Lokis favourite playmates is a english mastiff, hilarious to watch. The mastiff swings his paws at him not that he is grown (was gentler when he was a pup) but Loki si long out of the way by the time the mastiff can follow through.
Comment by Beauty and the Beast on August 3, 2009 at 10:17am
Be careful. Shiro loves to play with bigger dogs too and I didn't think it was a bing deal until that labrador bit him in the head and would not let him go! It was truly scary. The thing is, not all dogs are stable even if the owners think they are. Corgis love to get under big dogs and tease them from there and some can freak out. That's what happened to us.
Do not be offended that people with big dogs try to stay away from you and your puppy. They are actually doing you a favor. If the owner is tense, the dog will be tense too and something bad is more likely to happen.
Pick the dogs that your puppy was introduced to and played and t was fine, but try to limit contact with new dogs to on the leash until you're 100% sure it's safe.
Comment by Sarah C. on August 3, 2009 at 8:36am
I know how you feel. :( People are always afraid my dog is gonna get mooshed and she likes playing with the biggun's the most. I put owners at ease by telling them that she jumped out of a car at 3months and was fine so is therefore a registered "big dog" and so it's unlikely any "crushing" will happen.
Comment by Beth on August 3, 2009 at 7:16am
Jack's best dog playmates mostly weigh over 65 pounds. Any dog that weighs under that doesn't seem to enjoy how rough he can be. I think he'd be ok with another Corgi, but because of his low center-of-gravity, he just topples other dogs over and a lot of the medium dogs don't like it. With small dogs, they usually mutually decide that playing chase might be better than wrestling.

Jack plays with a Golden Retriever, a lab/Boxer mix, and a bigger mutt frequently. They are his favorites. I do watch and won't let him play off leash with huge dogs that frequently go airborne and look like they might land on him; 90 pounds of dog wrestling with him is one thing, but 90 pounds of dog landing on his back is something else altogether.
Comment by christy fry on August 3, 2009 at 3:37am
I 2nd that.... Jordan at doggy day camp go's with the "biggies" to. they've tried keeping him with the littler guys but he's just to rowdy and unhappy with them. Jordan just loves my sis's retreiver Apollo he's 2 also.
Comment by Aj on August 3, 2009 at 12:55am
My Ein also enjoys playing with bigger dogs like Golden Retrievers. He rolls under them, runs under them, and goes crazy! If there were gymnastics for dogs, that would be it! At least the owners are worried about your pup's safety. :/ Maybe you'll find some other large breed owners who don't mind having their dog play with yours.

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