Chula h(and a bunch of little ones.  The vet said he had never seen so many in such a young dog.  She'll be 2 in December.  I felt bad for not taking her earlier but the only symptom she had was marking alot.  She had even gotten her herding certificate just days before the surgery!   I've never had a dog before and was told that if she was marking alot it just meant she was an Alpha dog. I just wish I would have researched it sooner.


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Comment by Zigward & Kimberly on November 21, 2011 at 10:38pm

Awh, I'm sorry:( Don't be too upset with yourself, these things happen, especially if someone is there to reassure you that it's something not causing pain, or injury-just be happy you caught it now!:) Congrats on her herding certificate and I hope she feels better soooooooon.

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