I am now aware of what a suitcase is, because my mom packed 2 of them in July and she didn't come back for awhile. But don't be sad, because I was able to Skype with her while she was gone to a place called China. She kept telling me she was coming home, but it took forever, or at least it seemed like forever. She's back and I'm happier than ever, because my daddy is back too. Yeah, he left for 3 months to Basic at Fort Benning. That was really difficult for mom, but I kept her happy. The 3 of us stayed with my grandparents, and man did I get alot of attention. It was incredible, especially all the belly rubs. A few weeks went by and then mommy and daddy got their suitcases out.... I didn't like that. But then mommy and daddy said that I was going with them. I got really excited and happy again. But where were we going?? It felt like a whole day went by, and we ended up in a place called Texas. I liked it alot, but it was really hot. So guess who got a haircut... me! I felt like a little pup again. I ran all around the house rubbing on everything. It's been 3 months and now mommy is saying we're moving to California. She was telling me that there are lots of Corgis there and beaches too. I'm super excited and can't wait to meet all the Corgis! Mom says we'll be there while she's in college, but once shes finished, it's back to Texas. I get to see my Aunt Amanda and Uncle Rob and there two cats, so it's going to be quite the reunion. I'll miss my daddy alot, but mom says I can skype and speak on the phone too. 

So how about it Cali? Any Corgis?


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Comment by Beth on October 16, 2015 at 6:58pm

Sounds like lots of adventures!  

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