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Busy Bees

I am now aware of what a suitcase is, because my mom packed 2 of them in July and she didn't come back for awhile. But don't be sad, because I was able to Skype with her while she was gone to a place called China. She kept telling me she was coming home, but it took forever, or at least it seemed like forever. She's back and I'm happier than ever, because my daddy is back too. Yeah, he left for 3 months to Basic at Fort Benning. That was really difficult for mom, but I kept her happy. The 3…


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Bombur and Thorin

The bunnies are here!!! They're called Netherland Dwarfs. Mom was very slow about the whole introducing thing, but once it happened, I was glued to them. Mom and Dad named them Bombur and Thorin from this movie called "The Hobbit". They come out to play all the time. They dispense these little round things that smell like grass. I tried one without mom looking and they're really good, but mom caught me one day and said I couldn't eat them. It's okay though, I still get to play with the…


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Um...Bunny Brothers

Mom and dad keeps talking about things called bunnies. I don't know what they are, but they sound like fun. I wonder if they're big like me or small like those things I chase in the yard.. the ones with the big fluffy tail that climb up trees. With me utterly concerned and confused, mom and dad took me to the petsupermarket to see these so called fluff balls..... Oh my gosh the fluff balls are so cute. But not as cute as me. I wanted to play with them, but they were in these tall cages. I…


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I Have A Father!!

So mom has been dating this really nice guy for 7 months now and he's amazing at belly rubs. He sneaks me table scraps but mom gets onto him. At least I'm not getting in trouble. He calls me his princess and tells me I'm pretty, gorgeous, and beautiful. He loves playing fetch too! Sometimes I don't go get the stick and he fetches it for me. Overall, he's an awesome dad. I'm glad mom finally found someone for me. And for her. 

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Opossum Adventure

So I was minding my own business the other day. I don't usually by the way. When all of a sudden, I saw this thing. It was shades of grey and white with a pink tail. I ran right after it, and so did my mom. I think she wanted to find out what it was just as badly as I did. I got to it first, and man I had no clue what it was. It kept saying hello by making this hissing sound, but it was definitely not a cat. I know my cats! I did a little further investigation and attempted to sniff it, but my… Continue

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What can I say about kids? Kids are cute, loud, loud, did I say cute already? I like kids, I do, but not the kind that pulls my ears and takes all my toys away. This one kid that my mom babysits comes over all the time. He has the grayest eyes. They are really pretty. When he comes over we play chase and run. Most of the time I'm the one running. He's only caught me twice. I escape by running at super speeds and also my mom chases him and puts him down for a nap. I love it when he goes to…


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Am I in a Canadian dream?

For a split second of a moment Cartersville, GA was the same temperature as Canada. GEEZE! But now Cartersville is getting warmer and Canada is getting colder. I like the snow a lot and hope it stays cold. Why you ask? Because my mommy gets to stay home! Yay me! I mean its great for her too, but hey this blog is about me. She was actually okay about the whole snow thing. She got really excited when her school sent a text saying there's no school Wednesday or Thursday, I thought she was just…


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What is the white stuff falling from the sky? Snow? Can I play in it? I can! Yay! I love snow. Everyone this is my first time seeing snow, and I love it. All you other Corgis who haven't seen snow, it is awesome. I can make corgi angels, snowcorgis, oh and fetch snow sticks. Maybe even hide my friend copper the cat in the snow. If its snowing where you live, comment and like and don't forget to enjoy it.

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Table Food

Show of paws! Who is allowed to eat table food? Yea i'm not. I mean occasionally yeah I get a drop or so. But its only on special occasions. Like my 1st birthday, ahhhh it was delicious. My mom and grandma made me a doggy cake. It was soooo good. They put all my favorite things on one plate. Ice cream, oranges, cake, ice cream, did I already say that? Oh and ice cream. Anyways...., my mom is starting to be more generous each day. I like it...a lot. Even though she gives me table food, she…


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Sleeping In

Monday to Friday is such a drag. I would much rather sleep in, but my mom doesn't agree. She insists on getting up at 5:30 in the morning. I like to sleep till at least 8:00 and may even take a nap later. I try and try to convince her to sleep, but she has to go to school. Who needs school when you have me? Just kidding kids, go to school! Now weekends, I like to get up nice and yearly. Maybe around 7:00, but mom wants to sleep til 10:00. Why? We only have two days to spend time together,…


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Can someone tell my mom what the word redecorating means?

I think my mom has a problem... Everyday she leaves for school MY room that I share with her is neat and tidy, so I like to spruce it up a bit. I take all my toys out of my basket and put them all around the room. That's called redecorating but she doesn't know that. It looks so good! Well at least I think so. There's squeaky toys by the bed, talking toys by the bookshelf, oh and cotton everywhere; like its snowing. Since it is winter time. But when she gets home she picks them all up and…


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Morning Routine

Every morning it's the same routine. Mom gets up, takes me out, feeds me, takes me out again, then leaves for school. Sometimes i like to mix it up a little and not eat. That really throws her off. Sometime she's even late for school. Those extra minutes I take eating my food slowly, are the moments I cherish. What she doesn't know is that I hide leftover food in my cage for later. Muhahaha

Added by Charlee & Ally on January 24, 2014 at 12:16pm — 2 Comments

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