For a split second of a moment Cartersville, GA was the same temperature as Canada. GEEZE! But now Cartersville is getting warmer and Canada is getting colder. I like the snow a lot and hope it stays cold. Why you ask? Because my mommy gets to stay home! Yay me! I mean its great for her too, but hey this blog is about me. She was actually okay about the whole snow thing. She got really excited when her school sent a text saying there's no school Wednesday or Thursday, I thought she was just happy to wake up and see me next to her. I really hope that there's no school Friday too. Long weekend YAY! Maybe a blizzard will occur....She can never leave. Wait, then I can't leave. And if I can't leave, I can't go play with copper, my cat friend. Or go to the park. But I won't have to go to the groomers....then my mom will have to give me a bath. I cannot escape the bath. Maybe the cold weather will pass and I can just dream of a world where I never have to take a bath again. If you where snowed in, what would you miss? Could you live without something? Do you hate bath time? DREAM OF WARM WEATHER AND CATS, CATS EVERYWHERE!!!!

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Comment by Penny Foster on January 31, 2014 at 10:53am

It's definitely been colder here in canada this year but the strangest weather has been hitting the USA in places that are warm. In places north where the cold is expected, it's unseasonally warmer. Crazy weather happening all over and the difference is, here in the cold north, we're more prepared to handle it. I felt bad for the folks In Georgia, what a nightmare that was. I can't imagine sitting for hours in traffic and no place to

Comment by Denis J. on January 30, 2014 at 9:52am

My owner gives me a bath when the fluffy snow is replaced by melted and refrozen ice with loose wet dirt on top of it.   It's hard to walk without slipping everywhere and I get very dirty under the belly and chest.   Lets just say I'm mostly brown when I come back home.

We try to go play in loose snow to clean it off as best we can but when It's just crusted snow, it's doesn't work.   So I go in my kennel for a few minutes and can hear the bath running.   Not sure why I don't like is cause I've discovered the joy of walking and laying in cool fresh water streams this summer.    I miss summer, grass and bugs all over.

I live with two cats as well, one male of 24lbs and his sister of 16lbs.   I love to freak her out by running real fast to her, stop and just put my nose on her fur.   She takes off running but it makes me laugh.   She knows I love her and just teases her.

What I would miss if we were snowed in, seeing the trails.   The best times so far this winter has been walking in fresh powdered snow during a heavy snow fall at night.    The glow from the city light reflecting on the clouds creates this golden glow around the trails and enough to light your path.   Going in snow shoe trails is the best cause I get to test my running speeds.   But I think my owner can't keep up much cause he keeps breaking through the snow and yelling a few words I don't understand.

We're not affraid of wild animals cause he has some type of weapon with him that he takes out from time to time in his hand.   It's terrifying and create this beam of deadly light that he uses to see where he's going.   I beleive I heard "flashlight" before but I know it's definitely a weapon..   

And yes, we're in the maritimes so we're quite familiare with those days that you love so much.     :)

Comment by Linda on January 29, 2014 at 10:55pm

I'm so glad your mommy didn't get stuck in all that terrible traffic near Atlanta!  Max has an extra long fluffy coat because it's too darn cold to take him to the groomers.  You can come play with our 3 cats but it's not warm here yet.

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