Riley has been home for almost a week now and we've mostly gotten past hating his collar though he still scratches at it some. So we decided we could add a tag since he needs to have his dog licence tag on and we'd like him to have a tag with our number on as well (and he might need a rabies tag once he has had his vaccine). Problem is he HATES it, it's so big on his little neck he fights with it till he can get it in his mouth and then chew on it. I'm not thrilled about him chewing on metal and destroying the tag and he pretty much refuses to walk on the leash now as it bangs the tag. Any suggestions? Besides taking off the collar when he's inside to allow him some peace and waiting till he's bigger I'm not sure what to do and it will  only get worse as we need to add tags and they all jingle. We were making good progress walking on the leash and going outside and this has set us back :(

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Comment by Andrea on August 1, 2013 at 2:22pm

They now make plates that go on collars that have their name and a QR code. You scan the QR code and it brings up his picture, information, vet information, ect. It's great! We have one for Ein. I know a lot of places have you have the license if you take them in public. We just kept our dogs' license and rabies tag on us to show officials. Many dogs cannot handle the weight of 3 tags.

Comment by Cheryl Rice on August 1, 2013 at 9:01am

Thanks for all the suggestions! I really like the collar tags Jane! I think we'll have to wait for his big boy collar though cause this baby one is so tiny. I think we'll try the rubber silencers till then and hope they help. We have to get a new licence tag from the county cause he's chewed this one unreadable in two days haha. 

Comment by Basil on July 31, 2013 at 7:02pm

Basil has cool tags from Pet Elegance in Seattle.  His tags don't clank like metal ones...the clanking makes me crazy (not to mention what it does to the dog).  Rhinestones on one side, custom lettering on the other.  They also have non-rhinestone ones.  I have his name, my cell phone # and "chipped" on the tags.  Two sizes, we use the small one.  Very durable.  I lost one of his tags in our yard and found it in a plant 6 months later, good as new.  Withstood the rain and snow.  You can find them on ebay also, key words rhinestone dog tag.  and did I mention no clanking?  :-)


Comment by Marcie on July 31, 2013 at 5:08pm
I have a rubber gasket that goes around Becca's tag. She doesn't like the noise either and the gasket helped. I got it a local pet store.
Comment by Jane on July 31, 2013 at 4:37pm

We don't keep collars on our dogs in the house, but we use these:

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