Corgi's only do what they are told... if you tell them.

One of our corgi's was sent to help our maintenance guy take care of a sick horse.  She will clear the sheep and other horses out of the barn and hold them so that he can treat the leg injury.  My back is hurt so I sent Giz to help him as she would me.  I reminded him of the commands he would need and off they went.  He came back angery and frustrated.  All she did was run around barking at everything and running back and forth to me.  I was concerned, Giz knows her job and is very good at it.  The stock respect her.  I went up with him today and asked him to use Giz.  He wasn't thrilled but started the job with her.  He told her to clear them out (means empty the barn or move stock away from me).  She did.  He started working on the injured animal.  Some of the horses came back being nosy.  She came running to him for instructions.  He said, "good your thing."( this is not a command in Gizzmo's vocab)  She barked at him and waited expectatly for instructions. But, he was already working on the leg again. One of the horses came into the barn.  She barked at him and looked at Robert.  He was busy and didn't say anything.   Then some sheep came in.  Now he was having trouble with the horse he was working on standing still and sheep were tasting open medicine containers and stepping in things. Gizz is keeping the sheep from touching Robert but her looks to him are getting her no instructions.  He starts yelling at the stock which starts Giz barking a loud high pitched I am over excited and I don't know what to do bark.  Essentially there was random pandamonium.  Robert is now yelling at Giz to shut up and critters are everywhere in everything...I asked if I could help?  And got the, you did this on purpose frown from Robert.

I stepped up to him and said move the horse to it's stall for a minute.  Gizzmo, clear them out- with a directional hand signal.  She drove everyone out of the barn.  Gizzmo hold them.  (a verbal and hand sign where given.)  I looked at Robert and said leave her hold them out if you want or shut the gate.  He let Giz do her job.  He finished the horse.  Giz had to remind one horse a couple times to stay out.  Other than that she quietly stood guard.  Robert finished up and we put stuff away and prepared to leave.  We walked to the fence.  He looked at me and said, "where is Giz?"  I turned and looked back at the barn door where she was gazing at us and dancing around. " Doing what I told her to do, she is guarding the barn, not letting anyone in,"I said.  That'll do (the command to stop what she is doing), I told her and she came running up for some praise and a little petting. ( =      My Corgi girls are anxious to please and wonderfully obedient, but only if we tell them what we want them to do!  lol         (to myself, I wondered how long Giz would have waited there?  hmmm something new to test out and put to use)  every dog is different and some are better at one thing than another, but all our dogs are gifted!

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Comment by Lori Brookes on March 18, 2013 at 1:13pm
I am blessed!
Comment by Leah ~* Tucker* ~ on March 18, 2013 at 1:45am

Wow what an amazing dog!

Comment by Lori Brookes on March 11, 2013 at 3:15pm

yep.  but she was so patient.  waiting on him and looking to him expectantly.  I didn't add that I had to send her back to him several times.  When she couldn't get what she needed from him she came to me, but I needed him to give the commands.  Poor thing.  she was very patient.  The fact that she is very dependant on me is probably not a good thing herding wise, but working with so many different animals in so many different settings seems to require a little more dependance.  Our dogs are sooo amazing

Comment by Bev Levy on March 11, 2013 at 3:06pm

Cute story, I know from my very smart corgi, Sparty, that if the human "does it wrong" (my husband was always trying to change commands) it is very frustrating for the corgi!

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