So today was Supposed to be chore day. My doggies had a different idea. Today ended up being "make us more TOYS day!" and so this I did. As a believer in reusing/re-purposing, most of what we use around the house gets used as much as possible. That includes doggie toys. Today I made food toys based on the wonderful model of 'Tug-a-jug'. Being fugal (read cheap :P) I made a few today to the approving chorus of my doggie family members. Using a few jars and lids, a couple balls, soda caps and even a empty prescription bottle, as well as an old out-grown pair of jeans I made 4 homemade versions for my pups to enjoy. And Enjoy they did. So now I will share the 'building' with anyone who, like me. likes to recycle/reuse things round the house for the betterment or enrichment of all. This is easy and fun when you see your beloved pup enjoying 'garbage' you used to make a toy just for them. :D

In this picture you can see the basic Items needed.

Items - 1 plastic jar with screw lid. (IE: a clean Mayonnaise, Peanut butter, Mustard or even Koo-laid jar.)An old pair of legs from jeans, or towel, or any other durable materiel.  A few small balls, soda bottle lids or anything else that can take up space and block the holes you make in the jar to keep food from freely falling out.

Take the jar and cut 1 or 2 small holes through the plastic. (Tip- run the edge of the knife, or a piece of rough sandpaper around the edge of the cut hole to rid it of burs and sharp edges.)

Cut a small slit in the lid. (Tip, turn lid flat side down on a towel and press the knife to make a small cut.) Cut 1 or 2 small holes in the sides, opposite sides. Put fillers (golf balls, soda bottle lids, etc.) inside, add food/treats.

Cut 3 long strips of jean or other cloth/clothing materials. Tie a regular knot in the top of cloth strips and braid the strands. Carefully poke the end of the strips through the slit in the lid. I used the knife to poke them through 1 by 1. Gently pull the strips and tie off.

I used a tiny bit of peanut butter (we had a small jar of doggie only peanut butter) around the openings you cut in the jar. Screw on the lid with the braided rope in it and give to your now interested pup.

I tailored each one to the dog it was going to. For example, I have 2 'soft' mouthed pups (our female corgi and our lab/basset mix) on their bottles I used softer plastic and cut larger holes. For my 'chewer' I used extra wide strips of jeans for the braid. For my 'thrower' corgi, I made a smaller hole and used more filler so he gets maximum enjoyment from tossing his treat toy across the room.

Here is the boy's bottles all done. The Boys enjoying checking out their new Toys. Here is each doggie enjoying their new treat bottles. MackaArthasBrick. Guinness.

And this is a bed full of other toys I have made today. (Notice it dont take long for my boys to dirty up their toys and cover them with hair. LoL ) I might post tips on making them another day. They are easy and mostly durable to make. All filling is scraps of clothing I discarded from my quilt making. :D

If you decide to give toy making a try have fun with it. Think outside the 'box' and think green.

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Comment by Kaitlyn L. on April 19, 2013 at 3:19pm

Thanks for the inspiration! I definitely need motivation to make my own toys. I spend an unreasonable amount of money on toys for Jeff- most of which he destroys in minutes!

Comment by Cathie on April 18, 2013 at 9:34pm

Very inspiring, I love making toys out of trash too.

Comment by Bogart the Cardigan on April 18, 2013 at 7:40pm
Great job!

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