Luca is home now! Here's a few things I've noticed in the two days she's been home


-She doesn't like her collar.

-She despises the leash.

-She hates her crate.

-She loves her food so much that she swallows it whole and spits it back up. :[

-She wants to chew on everything(expected) especially on mom's hands/toes. 

-She follows my every step. this makes me happy :]

-She has picked up pretty quickly that potty time is outside. 

-She understands "NO" already. 

-She twitches when she sleeps.

-she crosses her legs when she sleeps on her back.

-she's very vocal. 

-she hops when she barks. 



I love my puppy :]

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Comment by Nikki and Luca on January 28, 2011 at 11:27am
she doesn't seem to be interested in peanut butter :[ but she is already getting used to the collar. she fights the leash though.
Comment by John Wolff on January 26, 2011 at 3:32pm

For a puppy, having a collar on 24/7 might be a good idea in case she gets loose.  And she does have to get used to the collar.  But our dogs are chipped adults, and our yard is fenced, they know the neighborhood, and we use a modified Martingale collar (see collar FAQ) that slips on/off easily, so they do not wear collars indoors.

I'd say that NOW is the time to teach her that she can NOT put her teeth on you at all.  You can initiate this (put your fingers into her mouth) anytime, but she can not initiate tooth contact.  [Although we visited one of our breeder's littlers once, maybe 6 weeks old?? and I asked her if all the nibbling was OK, and she said "at this age, yes".]

If I had a puppy, I'd get a notebook and a dedicated calendar and make a training plan right now.  Plan my work, then work my plan.  Keep calendar updated; it's to remind me.  Make a vocabulary list of all the commands I want puppy to learn.  [Search "emergency recall" or "really reliable recall" on this site and elsewhere; worked for us.]  I'd get a fanny pack for bags, dog tools, and the all-important screw-cap odor-proof training treats container (pill bottle).  I'd learn how to teach "Drop It!"

Have fun.

Comment by Sarah C. on January 26, 2011 at 2:19pm
why do they hate the collar? my puppy chewed his well into his 1st year.

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