We have snow again! My husband got up at 3 this morning to get ready to go to work just to make it there and find out they are debating about working this week since the weather is going to be bad and it is hard to pour concrete in negative degree weather. Stinks that he wasted the fuel to drive over there and that we won't get a paycheck next week, but at least we don't have to pay a hotel bill.
I couldn't go back to sleep after he left so KC and I played on the computer. I let Molly out and her and KC went out to play in the snow. I did have to laugh when I went to let Levi out. He walks up to the entry way, looks outside and then just smiles at me (don't know if any of you are familiar with Australian Shepherds and the way they bare teeth and smile at you) and he wiggles his butt at me as if to say "I don't think so mom there is white stuff out there". So I had to literally shove him out the door and he just turned around and sat on the door step. Then when I closed the door he stood up on it and looked through the window at me lol. Pretty bad when the corgis who have no clearance in the snow will go dashing out the door and the aussie who has a good six inches of clearance won't even go out the door.
School was canceled today so the kids and the dogs are all playing out in the snow. Kids have been out there since 6:30 this morning. They all did a happy dance when the bus driver called. I am still in my pj's playing on the computer.
Have a great day everyone.

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Comment by Laura Jones on November 22, 2010 at 1:12pm
KC and Levi had a blast the winter of 2008 when we had so much snow. Levi seems to have outgrown it though lol. KC still loves the snow.
Comment by John Wolff on November 22, 2010 at 12:55pm
We're even getting snow in Seattle, unusual for November, but I remember the snow was falling 4 years ago next weekend when Carrie the breeder brought Al to us. We had great fun walking the yard and neighborhood with the new puppy, who probably thought this was normal. So beautiful, tempting to use the snow as an excuse for malingering -- neither rain nor snow not gloom of night, but 2 corgis frolicking in newfallen snow? that'll keep me from my appointed rounds... :)
back to work now...

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