Do Cardigans and Pembrokes generally get along?

Hi, friends!

Thank you for helping me with my last blog post!  I'm VERY excited to go visit Margo, a 6 month old Cardigan (held for show by the breeder) next Sunday to see how compatible she is with my little dude Gutie (1.5 year old Pembroke).

Do Cardigans and Pembrokes generally have the same temperaments, exercise requirements, etc?  My guy requires 2 hours of exercise daily, which is NO PROBLEM because I absolutely love to be outdoors and even though I work full-time the dogs will still have their exercise between me and my hunny.  I swear Gutie needs stimulation 99% of the time that he's awake.  He naps lightly during the early afternoon and then naps in late afternoon after exercise but that's it, he's a little energizer bunny.  Otherwise he walks around whining with a toy in his mouth until I play with him.  I'm hoping having a playmate will truly resolve this if they get along!  He's really good now when I do chores though.  As I wash dishes, he just lays at my heels and MUST have his butt or back against my feet.  

Also, I'm very fortunate to say that Gutie's parents were "light shedders".  It could be because he hasn't had a major blow-out yet, but so far if I vacuum every other day and give him a bath every 4 weeks with de-shed shampoo, he really doesn't shed that much.  However, I've heard the Cardigans shed even more?  Which is OK, I just need to start vacuuming daily and I own my own grooming kit.

I truly won't know her temperament until I visit her next Sunday, because all dogs are different.  The breeder tells me she's easy going, a lover, and has been trained very well to be handled by strangers, walk well on a leash, and travel well (show training).  She's also potty trained (even though I know there will be accidents until she's comfortable in her new turf) and crate trained.  Gutie is more reserved, but a sweetheart when I do get rare cuddles, and is extremely loyal.  Fully potty trained, crate trained.  I could have him off-leash in a crowd of people and he would never ever leave my side (until he sees another dog and then looks up at me like "can I please please please go say hi?!" because he loves dog companionship more than people).

Do any of you own both breeds?  What are you experiences?  

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Comment by Chelsea Meredith on June 5, 2016 at 11:47am

Thanks for all of your advice, Linda!  You've been a big help. :)

Comment by Linda on June 5, 2016 at 11:02am

I only have Pems but others here have both.  I also follow a number of folks on IG that have both breeds and from what I see they get along just fine.  There are differences in the breed but as you said, each dog is different even within the same breed.  As long as their personalities mesh I don't see that there would be any problems at all.  I think it would be great fun having one of both.  Can't wait to see pictures!

Don't know about Cardi shedding but I have the 2 worst shedding Pems in existence!  My Max was a fluffy and he didn't shed as much as these 2 with their normal coats.

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