Saturday night started off wonderful~ 
Ace and I were out at a friends house and we were watching movies and chatting.. then suddenly this horrible pain shot into my side and wouldnt stop.. it ended up in me loosing everything i had ate several times.. the whole while i hear ace sniffing the other side of the door and pacing.. i told my friend i was gonna go take a shower in hopes it would feel better.. Ace fallowed me up stairs and i never made it to the shower.. instead i laid on the upstiars couch and my friends mom called mine.. i was so restless that i couldnt just lay down.. the pain was that much.. so i started Pacing... Ace was pacing with me.. poor guy i bet he couldnt comprehend what was going on.. neither could i.. well i ended up sleeping it off and woke up feeling better.. we went to another friend of mines house and were having a fun time.. until the pain started up again.. Ace now was clingy and wouldnt leave my side.. well mom came and got me and we went home.. andthe whole time Ace wouldnt leave my side.. he;s been sleeping on the couch with me and goes everywhere i do.. i bet if mom handed him a pill bottle and told him to give it to me he would have :)

woke up this morning calling him Dr Ace

he wags his nub and we have cuddled all morning

so far so good.. no puking YAY

we are thinking i might be trying to pass a kidney stone :(

but im just happy ace has been here the whole time.. <3

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Comment by Emily & Scout on August 28, 2012 at 8:22am

Feel better soon.  My coworker was down with kidney stones for a whole week.  Hopefully it has passed and the worst is over

Comment by Stephanie Starkey on August 27, 2012 at 5:35pm

It's amazing how in-tune they are to humans!  Glad you have support through your pain!  Hope you feel better soon! 

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