So something that I never knew before getting my corgi, is that they are barkers! And for the first 8 months or so of owning him, it never crossed my mind in the fact my boy Chubbs barely barked at all.

Well that sure took a sharp turn when we moved into an apartment with 2 more canines -ones that like to bark at every sound they hear in the hallway and every knock on the door (though this is for their owners benefit somewhat in that she is deaf so the jump up barking and run to the door when someone is there). A habbit that my dog has picked up and loves to follow along on.

But there are times when they need to be quite, or that they don't feel the need to stop so I went searching for a solution (and mostly for when I move out into my own place I can train him out of this habit) and I came across the First Aleart Ultrasonic Bark Control.

I stood in the store reading very mixed reviews on it, but I figured if it didn't work I could try it out. And it has worked wonderfully!

It limits all the dogs (the others are no corgi's if that matters at all, they're mix breeds) to one bark in at max of 3 tries (bark - silence, bark -silence, bark -silence. In comparison to bark bark bark bark -all dogs names and a quiet- bark bark bark bark bark.). I have even taken when we go outside to potty and he feels like he should bark at dogs out on the patios of their apartments, to that he rarely barks ever now!

But it doesn't really matter when it comes to him and another dog being focused in on one another - for that if my correction behavior I've started on doesn't work and stay effective I will probably have to go for a vibrator collar (which I refuse to do in this current time since we are trying to correct the behavior of two additional dogs -so I see it as very unfair if only mine is being punish for making noise).

I have to say I'm very happy with the hand held version of this, it's great for a way to get their attention away from the bad behavior. 

The handheld one works 15ft in range and is manually pressed, while there is also a stationary one that is suppose to be waterproof, and able to hang up outside on a fence or post, goes off automatically at the bark, and works up to 70ft in range.

I figured I could share my experience with this for anyone who may be looking for a solution that isn't a bark collar.

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Comment by Vicky Hay on July 21, 2014 at 7:58pm

Hm. I'll look f or that. Cassie can bark the O out H20, the leaves off the trees, the hair off your head. As a matter of fact, that's the specific reason she ended up in the dog pound...i should be happy, because that's how i got this otherwise spectacularly wonderful dog.

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