I don't know, after the fiasco yesterday I've been seriously considering Milo. I love the boy--he's the best dog I've ever had the pleasure to be with in my short life. He's got the best personality and temperament that I could do anything with his food and treats and whatever he happened to have in his mouth and he doesn't mind my questing fingers to get it out.

But there's a catch--he's got to get along with our unaltered Weim. That's the one catch from the boyfriend, which I suspects secretly loves Milo as well.

We never had the opportunity to do a proper introduction to the boys due to Milo's heartworms and heartworm treatments. He's pretty much been crated or in the house with the Cloud outside. Milo gets a long pretty well with Freya and that took a couple of weeks before she stopped growling and being possessive, eventually the playing won out. She's the easiest to sway amongst them.

I worry about Cloud as he's had issues when he went to the doggy park. By issues, I mean that other males (some who are also unaltered) had issues with Cloud and tried to attack--with one even succeeding in partially biting him. Before we even went to the doggy park, Cloud was a great dog but since he has picked up a lot of bad habits there because of it.

How can I introduce them with minimal blood loss? I know sometimes they have to duke it out, but I would like to do that while fostering. If it works out, then I would consider adopting him and just get him out of that shelter.

If any one has tips or suggestion that would be great.

PS, I got him yesterday and I got a wiggle butt of happiness, he saw boyfriend he did a hop. I'm sad I didn't warrant a hop...just kidding, I'm happy to have him back. I can sleep a little easier.

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Comment by Susan Stanton on May 28, 2009 at 1:36pm
I'm so glad to hear Milo's back with you -- and a wiggle is as good as a hop! But the unaltered Cloud could continue to be an issue -- it's just who they are. Bertie was altered at 4 months, and has had no issues in 5 years with anyone, except 2 unaltered males (and one of them, a pug!). Other than getting the Weim fixed... I will let other, better experienced dog owners make suggestions on how else to deal with the two boys.
Comment by Bev Levy on May 28, 2009 at 12:16pm
No chance the bf will neuter Cloud? There are a lot of homeless Weims out there! With Milo altered and if he is not too dominent it might work. Good luck!
Comment by Nicola Porter on May 28, 2009 at 10:33am
That is so sweet, it sound like the weim and milo need to be introduced slowly. Because the weim is your boyfriends dog is he ok with Milo joining the family.

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