As I am beginning to put my grief into perspective, and cling to the good memories of our life with Stinky Wink, I am learning to look at that life from different angles. And I am finding that it was even better than I thought it was when grief was clouding my every thought. Last night I was looking at a couple of Corgi Rescue websites. There are some truly sad stories there. One seven-year-old lady had spent the majority of her life in a puppy mill. Now it is taking some real adjustment for her to live in a "free" world with love and attention.  A senior lady was in rescue because her human died and there was no one to take her. One little guy in Texas was found wandering the streets, nails grown into his pads, matted and filthy. When I look at pictures of Wink, I see a happy dog. Until the last month or so of his life he was pretty healthy. He was warm in winter and cool in summer. He had plenty of food and attention. He was loved; oh, was he loved! So he did get something in return for the love, loyalty, and companionship he gave us. It was mutual. I feel joy in that and I know that, except for the illness at the end, he was a happy guy and loved where he was and who he was with--as much as we loved him. As grief shifts into its proper perspective, we begin to see things from different angles--and those angles help strengthen our positive memories. Thank you, Winker, for the love and loyalty that you gave us. I hope you experienced our love with the same measure that you gave to us...and maybe more. I miss you and love you, my besses puppo!

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Comment by Jennifer Markley on March 5, 2012 at 11:58am

I am so glad you are healing...:-)

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