Juno's 13.5wks. I've been trying to take him on walks...he did horribly on a leash/collar. He'll keep his head on the ground at all times and eats random crap as he's sniffing. In this process, there's no way that i've found to stop him. I've tried leave it w/ treats and pulling on collar but that's not good for him. Soo i switched to gentle leader...he def. did better on his walks but then he starts to bark/growl anytime he sees his red gentle leader even if it means a walk. Once it's on, he's all four paws down on the ground either laying there or hiding under a chair. Once i open the door then he actually wants to go out. But bcuz of his gentle leader, he now also dislikes his leash and backs up when i go to put it on. So i switched to easy walk today...it's loose on him even a small & he doesn't like it either. I feel that he's back to pulling even more and nose is on the ground again. He doesn't pull to get me to walk, he pulls because he's constantly sniffing the ground and trying to eat stuff. I tried to leash alone again in the yard but his head is ALWAYS down and nose is always to the floor!!!! I'm not sure how to get him on his walks nicely. I just want his head up but he's nose is always attached to the ground!

1)I've tried not walking so he stops the pulling but it doesn't work in his case because he's not pulling of excitement and to walk faster. He's pulling because his nose is attached to the ground and sniff sniff then EAT.

2) I've tried leave it and it stopped working for some reason.

3)I know it's also my responsibility to be on the look out for what he's going for but i can hardly do that when his nose is attached to the floor. And pulling on the collar doesn't help.

I'm no longer sure what to do and am frustrated w/ this small obstacle. =/ I know he likes to be out but i can't get his nose off the ground and if his nose isn't off the ground he'll continuously eat everything!


should i go bak to gentle leader? he hates it but does a bit better on walks...at least his nose is not constantly on the ground.

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Comment by Jane on June 11, 2012 at 10:04am

I'd try better treats. Tiny pieces of real cooked chicken, or bits of cheese maybe. Lots of praise and treats every time his head comes off the ground.

Comment by Sam Tsang on June 11, 2012 at 9:26am

Hi Juno's mom, adjust your collar to 2 fingers gap, arrange the collar so the bottom is under the chin and lift UP behind the ears, this is the correct way to walk your dogs and you'll have more control.

Comment by Kathy Losacco on June 10, 2012 at 5:00pm

You never realize how much garbage is lying around on the ground until you walk a puppy.  I started to carry around a trash bag when my dog was a puppy so I could dispose of it all when we got home.

Try carrying a squeaky toy in your pocket.  That gets the attention upward. Try to go a little faster and get him to chase you. Do you have a friend with a dog to walk with.  Austin was a year old when I got him and had never had a leash and collar on,  But he would love to follow my bigger dog.  Just a few suggestions

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