Each day Le-Le does something so cute or funny that my husband and I have to just smile or comment about how wonderful she is. We feel lucky that she is in our family. We get so many comments when we travel about how wonderful corgis are. I have to always explain she is a cardigan and a bit different from a Pembroke. She is a great traveler though she still does not like strangers too much. She does get used to the rhythm of travel, does her business quickly, likes her walks, behaves in the hotels, loves to snuggle next to my husband while we drive. Some friends who saw her in April and just saw her the last week said she is better -coming out of her shell more. She has started to give us a bit of attitude when she wants something. A little noise, a bark, big eye contact. Not something I want to encourage in the hotels but is too funny from our silent girl. We wonder how she will grow and change as the months continue.

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Comment by Carolyn, Silas & Barnaby on September 12, 2009 at 8:34pm
Hi Anne... What a nice post! We too feel very lucky that our Cardis are part of our family :)

As I've looked through your photos, I keep noticing how expressive LeLe's eyes are! She may be quiet, but she's very expressive! You can tell she's quite attached to you and your husband. (She's adorable too!)

Our boys Silas and Barnaby send a few tail wags your way!

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