Hello everyone! Need some advice please

Hello all!
I noticed in the past 2 days that Frida (11 months) has been panting more frequently. Its not hot outside and she drank plenty of water and had been eating and going to the bathroon normally so I was a bit perplexed. Last night it was more profuse and i became very concerned so I flipped her on her back and when we began to check her belly for hardness or bloating she snapped at us. She is a very happy, active puppy and this was very unlike her so I assumed she was in pain and took her to the pet emergency clinic where she also snapped at the vet when she pressed on her belly and back. After taking xrays the doctor concluded that it was not an obstruction but very likely back pain (nothing broken). She perscribed ramydil (whole pill twice a day) and told us to keep her as sedentary as possible and sent us home. I have to say her panting has been less profuse this morning but she is still panting and looks miserable (lays on her back and twists in strange positions and growls) and restless (probably because she is bored as we did not go for her usual walk or play with her ball)......Would you all recommed something else I should be doing for her to make her more comfortable or lessen her pain? I guess I am just overly aware of her today because she is definitly not feeling well........I apologize if my question is silly, its just so hard to see her like this...she is usualy my super radioactiveoverlyexcitedlargerthanlife ray of sunshine but not today :-(..
Best wishes

Frida not feeling well

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Comment by Frida on October 27, 2010 at 8:42pm
Hello all, thank you so much for the helpful comments, what a lovely community! Frida does not seem to have changed. I took her to her regular vet on Monday because she was still panting. She stayed all day with her vet and she could not figure out what was causing the panting. She said she did not believe it was back pain but instead believed it was a belly ache because she "gave her attitude" when she put pressure on her belly. She also said she would not let her check her mouth. She took her off of ramydil and put her on something for upset stomach (Cerenia). She is still panting, she does not want to be touched, especially in the belly area however, she is still eating well, drinking water, using the bathroom and wanting to play (but not as hard as she usually does). I am so stressed for the poor thing because I feel i am not helping her enough and she has never been ill. Is it normal for her to have an upset stomach since Friday (if that really is what it is)? My husband told me to let her be and she will bounce back soon. I hope he is right.
Thanks again everybody, it is so nice to be able to talk about it. Best wishes
Comment by Amberwolf (Jenn) on October 27, 2010 at 11:05am
I'm sorry to hear about Frida not feeling well. I hope she is back to herself soon. I feel for you both.
Comment by Geri & Sidney on October 25, 2010 at 1:34am
Poor little Frida, I hope she feels better soon. Sidney was on Rimadyl when he was recovering from this surgery and it did seem to help.
Comment by Michelle on October 24, 2010 at 10:17pm
PS don't be alarmed by the panting, as the others have posted, that is a coping mechanism for pain or discomfort.
Comment by Michelle on October 24, 2010 at 10:16pm
I like to confine my pups to a carrier when I am at work and they have potential back, leg, or hip concerns...even if I have not taken them to the vet I will confine them and give them baby asprin when discomfort signs are exhibited. Typically within a couple or three days you can expect you pup to start coming back around. Hang in there!! ^,,^
Comment by Kimberlie on October 24, 2010 at 6:50pm
Panting is also a sign of stress, nervousness, unsure.... Maybe she is panting because she isn't feeling good. Which would explain why she snapped when you went to check her belly, as you touch the most sensitive part of the body that they will protect while she was feeling unstable. You could try puppy massage (massage head, neck back and paws) to sooth her mood and mind and the back massage will help with the sore back. Our Rhun panted alot after his neuter surgury and massages helped.
Comment by Connie, Abby & PJ on October 24, 2010 at 5:53pm
No, not silly at all, it is scary especially since they can't tell us what feels bad! Abby was fine, then Thurs morning passed a tapeworm, let me say EWWWW! and then after that had an extremely nasty diarrhea and she was lethargic and had no interest in her food.neither did I...) Then after I got back home after the vet checked out the sample and got the dewormer into her, she had an even nastier one that I immediately took in for sampling (which the vet says was unrelated to the tapeworm). Interestingly, the reason they wanted to see her (make that my 4th trip to the vet that day...) was because I said her back legs seemed to be giving out on her. She'd take a few steps with all four feet, then move forward with only the front until she was laying down. Vet didn't think that had anything to do with either the tapeworm OR the diarrhea but thought she might have hurt herself at play group the night before, romping with a gigantic young lab. When they found out she will eat absolutely anything she can get in her mouth, they did Xrays to make sure she didn't have something lodged. There was nothing, except a little sediment/gravel in her stomach (sigh. she laps the driveway if I don't watch closely...) so they just gave her metronidazole. She was her crazy freight train self that evening, and has been ever since. Loose poops, but I think that's the antibiotic. Plus we are still working her off the bland (and not much fiber) diet, tomorrow will be half bland and half regular food each meal. Abby's favorite outdoor snacks are grass, leaves, sticks, pinecones and whatever else she can snatch up before I grab it. I wouldn't have thought grass and leaves could hurt her, but my research since then says this habit can cause colitis... Their noses are so close to the ground its hard to police what gets in their mouths!!! Hope she is doing better!
Comment by Ellen Andersen on October 24, 2010 at 3:01pm
First of all...it's not a silly question at all! It's tough when our pooches are out of sorts and we don't know why. I'm assuming her stools are normal and stuff, or they'd have looked at a gastrointestinal problem. This last week, my Annie seemed a bit lame and lethargic, then her back legs completely just gave out for about 8 hours...then poof....back to normal. I thought Lyme Disease, but she was negative for that and the others (erlichia, anaplasma). She'd also been having nasty diarrhea but vet put her on metronidazole and she's doing much much better. Annie will eat any absolutely gross thing she can find outside, so I'm sure this will happen again.

Perhaps Frida, who sounds like a rambunctious puppy, twisted her back a bit or something, and well get back to normal after she rests for a few days? Has the Rimadyl helped any? Or maybe, like my Annie, she ate something that's given her abdominal pain?

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