Eddy did his intro to herding class yesterday! The sheep totally stood up to Eddy and scared him! The sheep saw this tiny corgi come into the pen and knew he was a joke and they wouldn't budge. They were staring him down and stomping their hooves. It was pretty funny... so not much herding really happened. Eddy turned and started barking angrily at the instructor at one point, too... He was more focused on keeping his eye on her than the movement of the running sheep. So it was a stange experience, but I would not mind going back for the beginning class. With repeated exposure he might get interested. This class was confusing for him.

There was a german shepherd there who had no problems, and kept the sheep moving in a circle the whole time. There was a border collie who had just too much energy that it ended up being fast and chaotic, and scattering individual sheep around. There was also a mix breed, some sort of spaniel-collie mix maybe? It didn't seem to show much interest in the sheep.

But today we went to the beach for fun and relaxation! Eddy swam in the ocean for the first time and was pretty bad at the doggie paddle aspect of swimming. He ran and played with other dogs and fetched rocks into the waves. I can't wait to take him back, he loved it.

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Comment by Bev Levy on April 26, 2010 at 7:12am
I like to joke that Izzy would never have made it as a herding dog. She much prefers to be worshipped! Sparty when he was younger probably would have enjoyed herding if we had tried. He likes to be in charge. Corgis are a versatile dog not just a herding dog.

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