I sure am lucky.

One of my favorite things about Pooka is her breath. It still smells like when she was a puppy! A little hint of chlorine (I think). She rarely has bad breath (only after chewin' on something stinky) I hope we can keep this up past a year and a half!

Two things she did recently that were so perfect!

We were at my friend's house with two other dogs so she was being protective of a rolled-rawhide bone the whole weekend. I was playing fetch with her and one time she came back with the bone in her mouth, and bringing the ball to me by dribbling it between her front feet like in soccer! I couldn't believe it, so funny!

Another day, here at home, I was standing on our cement-slab porch, which is raised about 6 inches so she has to jump when running up to me. I was throwing our large frisbee (its made for humans, not dogs ;)) and she was running back with it. Because her mouth is small, she holds frisbees by the rim, so they are vertical, either blocking her feet (neck craning to keep it from hitting the ground) or blocking her face (wind resistance makes this hilarious). It was hanging down and she jumped real high to get up on the porch. We had been practicing getting her to drop it at my feet so she let go if it in the air in anticipation. She LANDED ON IT! and skid a few feet like a sled. Such a sweet move!

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