Im sitting here in class hoping it will be over.. its sad that im bored of this photography class.. hopefully when i get my new camera i will perk up :)

I want it to be 9 not just for class to be over.. but so i can try out making this doggy cake i wanna make :)
i need to possibly double the ingrediants so that more then just ace can have the cake LOL

this time instead of the cream cheese frosting i most likly will add a different style on it :) eee im just soooo happy lol :D

I cant believe my baby is gonna be 2 tomorrow lol :D

lol i love walking into class and my teacher going 'how's your doggy?" lol she too has a couple corgis :D

lol sadly there will be no doggy ice cream that the pet store usually carries.. they didnt have any >: saaaad lol Ace loved it last year :)

well class is about to start i think so .. i might need to go.. i MIGHT bring Ace next class depends if i can convince my teacher :P (just hope the little guy can behaive for 3 hours lol)

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