I can't believe my eyes! I've got Ziggy, ON CAM, PLAYING WITH ANOTHER DOG! It's absolutely amazing! If any of you remember, my boyfriend's parent's had a Schipperke named Shadow, and Ziggy would try to play with him but it Shadow wasn't ever really having it...

Well, (and this is really unfortunate) Shadow passed away a couple months back (I haven't been on much at all lately, obviously).. His disease finally became too much and he was constantly in pain, so they sent him to the bridge.It wasn't much longer before Sadie came home.

Ziggy has hated Sadie since the first day-with good reason. She thinks his face is a chew toy, her people don't correct the behavior, and I can't really step in as she's not my pup to be firm with (so I usually just scoop her up and act like I'm loving on her when Ziggy needs to get through the house now hehe). 

Well, anyhow, today I didn't, and I decided to try psyching Ziggy out using my arms (the only "toy" he'll play with) and then I pushed him into her.. And it was on-they must have played for thirty minutes straight!!! I didn't have my iPod on me at first so I missed a good chunk of cuteness, but I managed to get it going once again after I got it, and here's a little something for you all to enjoy!

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Comment by Madeline and Bella on July 20, 2013 at 12:57pm

I love this! So glad their getting along! Ziggy's big ol' butt is just the cutest thing lol

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