My friend convinced me that I needed to blog about Emmy's everyday adventures after seeing pictures of my adorable puppy doing silly things. Since this website provides for that, I thought this would be the best place for that! So I guess I'm starting a little late. Emmy is 12 and a half weeks old and is my bundle of joy. She even lets me hold her in my arms like a baby. This little thing is already almost 7 pounds! She was only 3 pounds when I got her and I can't believe how big she is now. Emmy and I have a really special relationship. I have known for a long time that I wanted a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, but I hadn't been thinking about it seriously because I am a poor graduate student with no future planned out yet. However, a friend from work began to show me pictures of his baby corgi that he was going to pick up soon and asked for my advice to pick out a name for him. (They decided on Tanner by the way.) I told him that corgis are the dog of my dreams! and he took me to visit his breeder. I fell in love immediately with all of the corgis there, especially one good looking fellow named Hank which would soon be Emmy's father. I met one special lady named Queen who was pregnant with a litter, and that day I made my deposit. 


 I waited patiently for that precious litter to be born. But I didn't just wait. I got hooked on watching the dog whisperer. I watched 3 episodes a day, read books about puppies and corgis, constantly researched training techniques online, read reviews for crates, toys, and food, and then talked to everyone and anyone I knew about their dogs. I have never had a dog before, and I wanted to be the best mommy possible. Well my baby was born on April 18, 2011, but my breeder was at a horse show so I didn't find out until a few days later. She sent me pictures of every puppy of the litter, and to be honest, Emmy was not my first choice. I did make the first deposit for the litter so it was my decision which puppy I got. I was instantly attracted to girl number 4, who was mostly black, and had perfectly symmetrical eye markings. I showed all my friends and family and told the breeder to put me down for girl number 4. However, that night I just had this gut feeling that I needed girl number 2. I emailed my breeder again and told her I had a change of heart. She told me that it might be too late because she already sent the pictures to the next person with a deposit. I worried all day that I wouldn't be able to get my girl, but my breeder emailed back to tell me the next person decided to get Emmy's brother. 


That night, I started ordering all of my puppy supplies on amazon. I must have been to Petco and Petsmart at least once every week, and walked down the pet aisle at target every time I needed to get some milk. I was OBSESSED. I still am! Well that next Friday, when Emmy was a week and a half old, I visited her for her for the first time. I hadn't decided on a name at that point, and she didn't even open her eyes. I picked her up and gently held her as I opened a new chapter in my life. Our relationship started there. I visited again the next week, and her eyes were open! I told her "Hello Emmy, I'm your mommy!" She licked my entire face and squeeled in excitement, even though I rudely woke her up from a nap and snuggling with her family. 


I waited for Fridays so I could visit my sweet girl. The next week she had moved to a bigger pen and I thought that maybe she had forgotten about me when she didn't run up to me like her siblings did. But I did hold her in my arms and remind her that I was her mommy. I gave her extra hugs and kisses because I wouldn't be able to visit the following week. My breeder was very cooperative though and sent me pictures all the time because she knew how much I missed her when I couldn't visit. After two weeks passed, I went back to visit her. Most of her siblings were playing outside of their air-conditioned shed, or sleeping under it with their momma, but Emmy was nowhere to be seen. I called her name but she didn't appear through the doggie door. I called her again, and then slid the door to the shed open, and her smiling face was there looking at me. If dogs can smile, she was smiling. Unfortunately she had rolled in somepuppy's poop, but I didn't care. I wanted to hold her in my arms anyway! She kissed me and sniffed me. I knew that she knew exactly who I was. 


One. More. Long. Long. Long. Week. Finally on Friday morning, I went back to the breeder. All of the puppies were sitting under the shed with their mom. When I walked to the shed, I called Emmy. The whole litter came running, and then saw that it was me, and went back under the shed, but Emmy ran right up to me and I scooped her right up and hugged and kissed her and held her as I walked around and greeted the other dogs. The breeder was out for her morning walk, so I just sat down on the couch with my baby and a couple of corgis came and sat down next to me and I pet them as well. Finally, I gave them my final check, and took my sweet baby home.


She is such a quick learner, and so friendly with everyone. Whenever another dog jumps on me, or barks loudly, I am thankful that my puppy is so calm and submissive. She does get excited, but she does mind her mother. She loves morning cuddles, and will sit patiently while I watch So You Think You Can Dance. She doesn't mind my awkward singing as I straighten my hair in the morning, and she enjoys watching me wash dishes as she chows down on her meals. I fall in love with her every day. Each morning I'll open her crate and walk to the stairs and she will politely follow me, give me a big stretch, shake her whole body, and yawn. She follows me down the stairs, and either beelines to her water bowl or rings her bells to go outside to potty. Nothing is really consistent yet, but as many people have told me, she is very young. But she is smart. Very smart. I don't care what anyone else says. I know she can read me and my emotions. I know that she can understand me, and I try my hardest to understand her. I really do feel like she is my tiny baby and I want to be with her every second of the day! I am so excited to watch her grow and see the amazing dog she turns out to be. My tiny puppy is just the perfect dog for me and my life, and I am so glad that we have each other. 


For this blog, I will try to update on her adventures, the dogs she meets, the friends she makes, the strange things she eats, and more. She is such a curious and silly puppy that there will always be something to write about. Emmy is waking up from her nap though now, so it is time to play! 


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Comment by Micaela on July 13, 2011 at 11:02pm

Emmy sounds positively adorable! :D And just like Korey when she was little. I miss having a puppy running around the house... now she's a big overweight dog that sheds everywhere & barks at everything. D:

I still love her though! Despite how much she's grown from the time I could hold her in one hand, she's still so cute!


I'll definitely be following your Corgi blogs! :D And is Emmy a Cardigan?

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