It has been a long time since I have had a computer working properly enough to really do much on here except check in and see what everyone is doing. Sorry for those of you I used to chat with more, wasn't trying to be rude but haven't had internet service since this summer so have been either bouncing off other peoples wireless (bad I know) or only been able to use my phone which is very limited on what I can do.
Let's see quick update on everyone......
KC is still Queen of the House, she has mellowed out as she is getting older, not that she was ever super crazy but she did have her moments. She is putting on some weight which is a little funny/weird since nothing has changed as far as her food intake or activities. And although she doesn't get people food except for the occasional treat I swear Sunday morning she heard us say we were having biscuits and gravy for breakfast (the one people food besides cheese that she is crazy about, generally she could sort of care less about people food) anyway, she refused to eat her dog food, which is a kind that we finally found that she really likes and will actually eat all of it and is excited about meal time over. But Sunday she refused to eat it, of course she was holding out for her biscuit and gravy. We have this like once a month and she is spoiled and gets half a biscuit and just enough gravy to cover it. She still only tolerates my presence while my husband is gone. She has been a little confused lately as my husband was off work for 5 weeks then went back for a week then has been off for another 2. So she has sort of just given up on trying to keep track lol. We went through a bout of flea infestation a month ago, I think she picked them up out at the inlaws running through the orchard, but it is now taken care of and under control.
Taz is of course still his laid back don't bother me self. Still hates the thought of actual physical activity for any purpose other than to chase his fur brother and sister around the yard once or twice a day. He turned a year November 3rd. He has seemed to stop growing and isn't filling out too much as of yet, but I am sure it is coming. He has gotten friendlier and will come and get on my lap or lay close to us and "allow" us to pet him lol. Still is not a cuddler, doesn't like to be held, and although more tolerant of it is still not impressed with the kids getting to close or trying to touch him to much. He has always been good about growling to say he has had enough and just moving away from anyone who is bothering him. He is definately low man on the totem pole around here, he cracks me up because he tends to wet himself when the other two dogs start "fighting" or getting to rowdy. And really has a problem if either of them come after him. Somedays I have considered some depends for him. He is definately growing on me, although he was of course an adorable puppy, I wasn't as impressed with him for the first 6 months or so like I was KC but as he has gotten older he has grown on me and it never fails to make me smile when I look at that clown face with those big ears and black smile and bright eyes. His new favorite thing is to wake me up by jumping on the bed then walking up me to my face and staring at me.
Levi is second in command around here and I think getting a complex about having legs over 4 inches long! Not sure if I mentioned earlier or not but his "bubble" seemed to burst in August/September. As many of you know when we got him in August of 2008 he seemed to have a bubble around him and didn't like anyone with the exception of me and occasionally the kids to get within 3 feet of him. And all the sudden, whether because he had been with us for a long enough period of time or just got old enough (he turned a year in May I believe) he all of the sudden was fine with people touching him, hugging him, whatever. He is still a little leary of complete strangers but at least is fine with people we see on a regular basis. Surprised my husband one night because he just all of the sudden walked up to him while he was laying on the bed watching tv and stuck his face right in my husbands face and licked him.

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