Well my life has just been turned upside down recently. Due to the economic down turn my husband was displaced from his job here in Fort Worth as a conductor (he works for Union Pacific) and was sent to West Texas. The transisition has been so difficult for me. He came home for the first time this week. It had been a month since I had seen him. He was able to stay a couple of days and then off he went. Thank goodness I have my Maggie and Kids of course.

Maggie is now 9 months old and what a personailty she is. There isn't a time through the day when she doesn't make me laugh. The new thing she has started is frapping to the sound of hands beating on the floor. My 21 month old will beat his hands on the floor and off she goes. She will bark when she turns and we all just laugh. The other thing is that she has adopted one of my son's favorite stuffed animals. No matter where Ryan hides his lion she will find it. It is so funny. He finally just gave up and let her have it. She carries it around like its her baby LOL The one thing though that she is doing has really made me look at life and my situation so differently. I have the most beautiful roses bushes in the backyard. They are in full bloom right now and everytime Maggie goes outside she runs over to them and smells the roses. It is so funny because I have never seen a dog smell a flower, normally they eat them. She has taught me a lesson that is for sure..........that I need to stop and smell the roses a lot more than I do.
I am trying to get a picture of her sniffing the roses but she is a camera hound and every time I get the camera out its like she starts posing. I just can't be sneaky enough.

Now that she is getting closer to a year I am starting the ever so difficult task of finding an adult food for her. She is on Wellness right now and I love it and so does she but I can tell she is getting "tired" of it. Just like me when I start eating salad all the time....you just get tired of it. The great thing though is that I emailed the Wellness asking if they had sample bags of the adult food flavors I could buy to try them out on Maggie. Instead they sent me a 1lb bag of all their dry dog food flavors. How cool is that!! Kudos to Wellness for keeping customers happy.

Well off to see what the bunny butt is getting into. j

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Comment by Tauna and Kota on April 24, 2009 at 1:47am
hope things are getting better. All the dogs I have owned make me in a better mood one way or another... no matter what is going on in my life... they have the nack of how to cheer me up and give me ideas of how to be a little happier. We can all learn a lot from dogs.

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