I think I am the one who needs to go to training class. I think it should be called, new puppy owner class, cause we are the ones that need to know how to show our dogs what we want. I have been trying all kinds of things to teach Quin loose leash walking. She always pulls ahead and I keep the leash by my side and gently pull her back to my side. So she will walk beside me but gradually get faster and I have to pull the leash tight so she comes back. Well today as she was walking beside me, I started to say YES every time she was where I wanted her to be and I payed very close attention to her walking and as she figured out what I wanted she would walk ahead but as soon as the leash had no slack she would let up and walk slower so as soon as that happened I said YES I think we may have this figured out:) she is so smart:)

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Comment by Gromit, Sparkle, and Doug on June 28, 2011 at 3:36pm
You are correct!  Leash tugging is such a pain  Congrats for getting Quin tuned in.  Timing is critical to training dogs.  They live very much in the moment so if you can get that positive reinforcement spot on just as Quin is begins to do what you want he's much more likely to catch on to the exact behavior you're after.  When teaching a new behavior, saying "Good dog!" or giving a treat reward two seconds late is too late.  But getting the praise exactly "on target" can achieve amazing results.   Gromit's biggest problem in learning is that his owners are less focused than he is!

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