Things with Lincoln are looking up! Oh my goodness so much stress! Me and Hollis have absolutely fallen in love with her! Only catch is we cannot have a dog were we are living. Our lease is up in July which really is not too far away. We are looking for a house to buy which is exciting, but in the meantime Lincoln is living with my dear friend Lynn. I've been going to see her everyday, we typically go for a 4-5 mile walk/ run and, play in the field by Lynns house, and then about an hour of lovins! She is still technically a "foster dog" we cannot "adopt" her until we either own our own house or have permission from our landlord. I'm trying to convince Lynn to adopt her now, and then we will adopt her when we have a place.... I know it's complicated!

Yesterday Lane County Animal Shelter called Lynn and wanted her to bring her back so she could have some pictures taken to be put up in the website so she could get adopted. - I was in sheer panic all day! Just the thought of her not being ours is heartbreaking! Anyway, it turned out to be a very traumatizing episode for poor Lincoln. As soon as they entered LCAS Lincoln was in horror, she kept trying to jump into Lynn's arms, they could not get any pictures of her and ended up sending her back home with Lynn. I felt so bad for her, but it is good that they were unable to get pictures ;-) ! We spent last night conforting and consoling her, she was still very stressed out and confused. I'm trying so desperatley hard not to get my hopes up, because I have done that SO many times in the past were I have gotten crushed. Hopefully things work out the way they are suppose to and Lincoln will be our sweet baby girl, but we still have a few more stressfull months ahead!!!

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Comment by Natalie, Lance &Tucker on May 4, 2012 at 6:14pm

I hope you get to adopt Lincoln!!  Just make sure the agreement allows your friend to give you the dog after she adopts Lincoln.  I know when we adopted Tucker, we signed an agreement saying if we couldn't keep him, we would have to give him back to the shelter (Paws), where we got him. 

Comment by Ellen Andersen on May 4, 2012 at 5:14pm

Fingers and paws are crossed for you to get Lincoln.  I think she knew something was up when she went to the shelter for the photos!  And you have one awesome friend that is keeping her for you!  Good luck...please keep up posted.

Comment by Chris, Kadi & Brodie on May 4, 2012 at 1:17pm

Best of luck to you! Been wondering how it was going!

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