What an amazing corgi to survive an avalanche, and then walk 4 miles to the motel to find his owners and sat in front of the door waiting for them. The owners thought he was dead and headed back home to Bozeman. They got the call that he was alive, how wonderful. But very sad that the father/husband was killed in the avalanche. Can watch video. google dog survives avalanche. So dedicated and devoted to his owners.

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Comment by Elizabeth, Hermione and Luna on January 7, 2012 at 2:09pm

Is indeed very sad about the father, but one of the nice parts of this story was the interview with the daughters, which showed/demonstrated what an immense comfort it was to them to have Ole back!  One of the daughters was in the process of making a memorial for Ole when she heard that he had survived.  Of course the death of her father is a tragedy, but Ole's survival is a gift.

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