My little princess Bella arrived home yesterday from her visit to the vet to be spayed.
Everything went really well & she is doing really well.

The one problem we now have is that our 3 month old male Beagle keeps mounting her...and *humping*.
This is really confusing since he never did that before, except for maybe 2 occasions.
He is going crazy, constantly mounting her, but why now?

Im so worried about her getting hurt that I've seperated them, and I have to constantly watch him when
they are together.

Can someone explain why he is so interested in her now?


I just spoke to the vet who performed the surgery on Bella, and he says she definitely is not on heat as her ovaries & uterus were still immature.

They seem to think that because she was gone the whole day, that he might be trying to take this opportunity to show his dominance over her. I have to say definitely isn't working for him haha!
Bella is definitely the boss....she gives him a piece of her mind...and he ends up cowering below her...haha little corgi!

Do you think its just a case of dominance?

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Comment by Tina, Frankie and Georgie on November 6, 2008 at 9:53am
Don't worry. he's probably just feeling a little frisky. Frankie sometimes gets confused and humps Georgie LOL. But then I must say that frankie is a bit of a doofus!!

But I would separate them just until she has healed properly! Poor Liam shame!
Comment by Chantel & Princess Bella on October 31, 2008 at 9:56am
I have updated the post above...any opinions would be appreciated :-)

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