This is my very first blog but I have enjoyed reading them and wanted to give it a try. Monty, our 11-month old Pem is our furbaby and we do everything with him. We are lucky as he loves to ride in the car, go hiking, working outside and even shopping (we know almost every dog store in the metro DC area!) We are also lucky there are so many opportunities available in our area to keep him entertained and with us. He is also spoiled in that he is rarely left in his crate more than a couple of hours a week because I work from home and if I need to go to meetings or into my office (2 hours away) he goes to daycare which he loves. I used to use a pet sitter who was great but when we would get home after 6 hours he would be very hyper and destructive so day care was the way to go.

Now for our dilemma, I have a holiday party for work a Saturday in December in downtown Washington, DC. We want to make a weekend of it and go up Saturday during the day and also enjoy Sunday. The only time we wouldn't be able to be with Monty would be during the party from 7pm-11pm. So I have a couple options and I would love opinions from this wonderful group as I cannot seem to make up my mind what is best for Monty.

Option 1: Tire out Monty by touring the city or putting him doggie daycare (he is a zombie after a day of playing with doggies) and then crating him in our hotel room while we are gone. My concern is if he gets scared and starts to bark at the noises in the hallway and disturbs people. Both of my hotel options are dog friendly (they have special beds available for them) but that doesn't mean I want to be a bad neighbor. I do think he would sleep but am still a bit nervous about leaving him.

Option 2: I can board him at the place he goes to daycare. This would cost us a little extra but that is not the main concern. We obviously haven't boarded him yet so I am a nervous mommy about it. He is used to going to bed with us at 10pm and sleeps in our bed and the kennel puts the doggies in their crate from 7pm-6am. He does occasionally sleep all night in his crate when he decides to start barking at bed time which quiets him down. I am sure he would be fine, I think I am worried I would be worried all night and miss him sleeping at my feet:-)

Ok so not really a crisis but ideally I would love to have him with us in the hotel but also might need to bite the bullet and see how he does with boarding for one night...Ok I need advice from all you veteran mommies/daddies.

All the best, Theresa

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Comment by Ryan and Darwin on February 27, 2009 at 10:26am
I know this comment is a little late, but I would do the hotel (that's just me, my partner would say to board him). We live in the metro area as well, and it would be great, as new puppy owners, to know some of the good activities that you and your dog can partake in.
Comment by Cindi on November 9, 2008 at 5:21am
Since this is a very pet-friendly hotel, you might ask if they have a dog-sitter available? Many of the better hotels do offer that service. Your concierge should be able to get you information on it.
Comment by Michelle on November 8, 2008 at 5:58pm
AJ and Jr would occassionally stay with the breeder that we got them from. I would laugh and call it doggy boot camp because they had to mind...hahahahaha. They were always thrilled to see us when we got home. I have since begun using an in home dog sitter which does not disrupt there routine at all. We are giving a first go at boarding over Thanksgiving holiday. That was great advise about the kennel cough shop. We will be heading to the vet.
Comment by Geri & Sidney on November 8, 2008 at 2:59pm
I've never traveled with Sidney, but we did board him (along with his two big brothers) when we went on a cruise this summer. I was feeling so nervous and guilty about leaving him, but I was told he did great and he showed no signs of trauma or a grudge when we got back. I think it was much harder on me and my daughter than on him!

On the other hand, I'm sure the hotel is used to their clients barking. You could either try leaving the TV on so he has background noise, and/or leave your cell number with the hotel and ask them to call you at the party if anyone complains about barking. He'll most likely just sleep the whole time you are gone, especially if you tire him out by seeing the sights in DC that day! I think it would be a blast to travel with my furbaby.
Comment by Sam Tsang on November 8, 2008 at 1:57pm
Hi Theresa, we were just in your neck of the woods last month :) We did have our 2 corgis with us in the hotel at night. If you choose to board your baby, make sure he's got kennel cough shots done and double check with the facilities, sometimes they may not accept dogs that are still intact. Good luck!

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