I don't understand why Pembrokes are ranked 27th most popular US breed and Cardigans 84th.   What's going on?  I think there should be a box to check on the tax returns, "Would you like a free Corgi as part of your tax refund?"  And Corgis got dissed pretty bad at Westminster.  What's up with that?

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Comment by Emily & Scout on February 27, 2012 at 8:36am

I kind of like that they're not the most popular dog.  I enjoy that Scout is unique. And that uniqueness is kind of why I am looking for a Cardigan to add to the family.  Labs are the most popular dog and you see them everywhere.  Yeah, if you want to rescue a puppy from a shelter (let alone an adult) you don't have to go far to find a litter of lab puppies.  Same goes for chihuahuas and pits.  I have people come up, ask questions about her and some enjoy seeing a corgi becuase a relative or friend had/has one.  If I was walking a lab, it wouldn't open up the conversation that I get when I have Scout. I'm really excited if I do get a cardi since having 1 of each will make the conversations even more fun.

As for Westminster, I do wish the cardi would have won something this year.  He was so cute and right on with the breed standard when he was talking back to his handler.  The peke won best in show, and I think all pekes look the same anyway.  I think since corgis look so different from dog to dog it is harder to pick the one that is the breed standard. 

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