Well, I realise I have been away from this site for some time. I've been really busy with work and moving and all of the details those things entail. Anyway, Cheez-it it doing great for the most part, he still has his quirks, but that's what makes him my dog.

He's turning 1 sometime in Feb. (I'd have to check the date to be sure, I suppose I am a bad parent), and he's slowly turning into a nice calm managable dog. I have noticed that he sort of knows the routine now, and has mastered his vast array of tricks. I need to start re-working on "come" and "stay" because he never quite got those two down. I think the reason is that it usually means it's time to come inside. No manner of calling, cooing, or food-bribery can get him to come inside until he's ready, that's sort of a pain.

He now has the luxury of being free all night, he usually spends this time on the pillow next to me. I still keep him kenneled while I'm away because he does seem to occasionally find things that sparks an intrest. (Drapes, carpet edges, and one rug in particular). But it's rare that he gets into serious trouble like that. I have been letting him do whatever he wants in the house (except for going upstairs which he knows is not allowed), while I'm home anyway.

I find myself calling him every half hour or so to make sure he's not doing something he shouldnt be. I think that if I slowly keep track of him less, I can start leaving him home alone for short periods of time. Ultimately leading to him have free-roam of the house and then MABYE he can have a dog-door. But out in the back yard is where he gets into trouble.

Digging, only in one spot, I recently filled one small hole with Cheez-poop and he has stayed away from it since, but there is an area with sand that I cant possible fill with poo. I keep a waterhose nearby and watch him come to dig then spray him. A few times of that and he has seemed to avoid the sand at all costs. The yard is fenced and quite secure so I trust him out there, but another thing he does annoys me lately. he's been chewing up the grass.

Before you go on about diets and what-not, he doesnt eat it, he just rips it up and only when he's after a toy. There's one frisbee in particuler he likes and he's pretty good about playing fetch with but occasionally he forgets to return it and starts ripping up heaps of grass near the toy. It's like he's trying to grab the frisbee but his aim is off. He's not eating it, just pulling it up. Must be fun?

When he was a younger he used to do the same with carpet and toys, he would chew toys and accidentally chew some carpet, he just sort of grew out of that though, thankfully.

He STILL is uneasy around dogs and cats??? I take him to the park, and out quite frequently, but he is more of the type to watch the action and play on his own. He seems a bit nervous when other dogs surround him but he keeps it cool and just rolls over submissive like. He occasionally plays, but it's rare. Though he does seem to enjoy the company of other animals after being around them for a few minutes. He always finds one friend at the park that pesters him enough that he becomes comfortable.

Well, that pretty much sums it up, hes still a tiny little thing (18lbs) and has a skinny little butt. One day I saw a yellow hamster at the pet store that looked just like him from the back! He has been neutered now, it was pretty painless, and he was really good about it.

So yeah, I'll try to keep up with the corgi-happenings more often.
Take Care,
James & Cheez-it

I did add a few pictures of him from the most recent dog-park excursion, including one of him jumping in a pond, you would swear he was flying.

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Comment by Nancy Geddes on January 19, 2009 at 4:10pm
Wow!!! Flying Cheez-It!! Neat looking dog park in the background too. Thank you for sharing all your news and I look forward to hearing more!
Comment by Stanley & Charlotte on January 19, 2009 at 3:53pm
Wow, that's a great pic James. Glad to hear the update, I was wondering how Cheez-it was looking these days since he had such unique coloring. Looks like he's having a lot of fun. That looks like a cool dog park, where is that at?
Comment by Sam Tsang on January 19, 2009 at 1:53pm
Welcome back James! Can't wait to see more Cheez it photoshop projects :) Awesome pic by the way!
Comment by Megan and Penelope on January 19, 2009 at 1:47pm
Look how big now...I see he's still got some puppy attitude like my Penelope, she'll be a year March 2!
Comment by Lauren + Winston on January 19, 2009 at 1:35pm
Glad to hear everything is going well! I love the picture of him flying into that pond. It's awesome. Haha

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