It looks like my husband and I, along with our two corgis will be moving in the next month to Louisville KY. We're both excited, but anxious about moving into an apartment with our corgis (Louisville is an expensive place compared to where we are now)! We're not worried about our Lola moving there and being OK with an apartment, but we're concerned about Hank. He's just a puppy, and likes to talk, but I'm worried about how that talking will affect our neighbors. We take him for lots of walks and have lots of bully sticks and toys around the house, but he just likes to talk. Any tips of apartment living with a corgi?

Also, moving to a new city is really stressful! Anyone in the corgi community from Louisville (specifically on the East side) have any recommendations for vets, or things we should know? The corgi community in mid-MO is pretty "underground" and not very vocal. 

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Comment by Marcie on July 30, 2014 at 8:19pm
Becca is not much of a barker, her talking is mostly muttering. I rent the first floor of a house in a dog friendly neighborhood. Last summer there was major road construction one street over. This bothered her and she barked more. I left the windows down and ran the ac, which in Maine I rarely use. I also left the tv on and used a white noise machine to drown out the noise she was reacting to. I still use the white noise machine at night. The people upstairs have an infant. Becca doesn't flinch at the daytime noises, but objected to night noises.

Some places are more well insulated between units than others. Listen as you are looking at apartments. Would you be able to find a house to rent? It would cut down on neighbors. Good luck.
Comment by Samantha de Jager on July 30, 2014 at 5:35am
We have always had Penny in an apartment. I'm not really sure if she's a talker or just trying to protect us but she barks a lot at neighbors sometimes. I would just say that there's sometimes nothing you can do about it but try to find a very dog friendly apartment and be really nice to your new neighbors. You'd be surprised how much they might not be bothered by it, especially if they also have dogs. Just try to get off on the best terms with them. And hopefully your pup will calm down after a while.

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