I've been gone a while, a long while..so here is the short long of it.

Tala- She grew up, grew up fast and hard in a working house hold. Around 4K worth of plaster, dry wall and stud's later I'd worked out she was miserable. So the adoption process began, she found a great home with 7 kids on a rather large farm. I do visit that crazy mutt from time to time, amazing she still remembers me (the inseparable bond that is).


Jazmin- She also is 5 now, no longer the small cute furball but just a larger version of a cute furball. She is getting along exceptionally well with the neighborhood kids and anyone else. Saturdays are her Doggy days which she spends 1/2 the day with her favorite family of people. Finally she isn't going after my best friends Chinchilla anymore and its kind of now a "Pffft, I've seen it, its all good" kind of thing. Also she is learning that the gate of doom doesn't mean the humans love her any less (actually she gets more treats outside of the gate then inside).

I've thought about finding another pup to introduce to the house, truthfully though school loans are killing me..I'm running the bank to negative several hundred dollars a month with expenses and such, but as any good parent Jazmin wants for nothing and treated like the ruler of the house.


I'm stumbling along on a job that I've hit the glass ceiling on for raises, Technology Helpdesk only pays so much then that's pretty much it. Mattress went FUBAR when Jazzy put her paw through it then its was time to retire it, currently she lives a deplorable life on a 60% wave reduction water bed heated to a nice 82 degrees (optimum temperature for belly lays) and latch on water bowl/food bowl on the side of the bed. Yah I know such a hard life.

I'll be updating should anything happen, stay tuned for pictures.


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