It’s a sad day for me.

top is Gina, Bottom is a picture that shows Kippers back legs.

I was going to adopt this little 12 week old corgi girl named Gina, she has a slight disability because of her front paw being smaller the the others. But I decided to do the responsible thing instead and I will be investing that puppy money into the x-rays that Kipper needs to get. I realized that if I think I can afford a new dog then I can get Kipper his x-rays.  Gina had other people interested in her so I’m not worried that she will find a great home.

I have always known that Kipper needs x-rays, his hind legs and paws are very small and his back right leg has less muscle mass than the left. It also turns in a lot more than it should. Sometimes he will favor it if he overdoes it. I have had him seen by two vets who both have no idea why it’s like that without x-rays. And for a long time I’ve been putting them off since it doesn’t bother him enough for me to really be concerned yet. Also I’ve been putting them off because I’m afraid of what could be wrong. But this summer Kipper will be getting his x-rays and that is terrifying. Also since he’ll already be out I’m probably going to get him a dental too which aren’t cheep either. -_- Money is going to be tight for me for a while.

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Comment by John Wolff on November 4, 2012 at 11:32pm

Hope Kipper's OK.  I sort of know what you're going through because I've been worried about Al (he had a misadventure last Sept).  I've feared back? hips? knee?  Don't know.  X-ray was inconclusive.  Hoping it was just a sore paw, something that will heal.  He was limping again today, but I found his feet were red and sore from the rough new playfield -- has pads have gotten soft because I've been making him take it easy.

Anxious when family is hurt!

Comment by Marie Ploof on November 4, 2012 at 8:11pm

My vet hasn't pushed x-rays because it doesn't bother him that often. She says it is a good idea to get them done because it will probably cause a problem down the line. But since he's so young I shouldn't be that worried. But Kipper will always be my number one so of course I can't help but be worried. And he's going to be 4 in December and i want to keep him happy and healthy so he can live a long life.

Comment by Zigward & Kimberly on November 4, 2012 at 8:04pm

Trinity Corgis? :) They're on my FaceBook and they have had a couple that I have fallen in love with seeing their litters, but it was never the right timing. (I love their BHTs with the tails lol). But they seem to have litters pretty often, which is kinda a cause for concern in any case, if you ask me.. (And they reccomend docking the tail when you get them fixed if you want it docked--that's just kinda horrifying to me).

Ziggy also has extremely small back feet compared to his front. His hind quarters looks off, and as of late, he has been having a tough time getting them to co-operate with him after long walks. The vet didn't really seem too concerned with this yet (thank heavens, as I don't start my job for about two weeks--though I was supposed to have ALREADY started about a MONTH ago,--but I definitely am going to get him fully checked out and deal with his medical expenses beforre bringing another Corgi home--and I want an adult again, I couldn't imagine a puppy right now expense wise)! So hard to do, but definitely the best.. Big thumbs up to you for being responsible! <3

I hope that all is well with Kipper..

Comment by Bev Levy on November 4, 2012 at 8:00pm

You are making the right decision but I know it is tough. I sure hope Kipper's x-rays turn out not to be a big deal.

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