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"Obesity in pets may seem cute, but it can have serious effects on your pet’s health which can eventually lead to complications and death. Proper diet and exercise is extremely important for any animal. Pet owners should also be aware of what the ideal weight their animal should be at."

Gromit gains lbs sooo easily so I watch his food and treats carefully.  I see a lot of pictures of fat corgis and it bothers me that people can be so careless about their corgi pals.  Some even shrug and say "Well, he looks good at 40lbs!"   No he doesn't, he looks fat and likely will be unhealthy as the years roll by.  Please feed and exercise your furry buddy correctly so he or she can lead a long and happy life!

Note:  The Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America breed standard says the following:  "Weight is in proportion to size, not exceeding 30 pounds for dogs and 28 pounds for bitches [females]."

If you corgi needs help losing those extra pounds, take a look at Ozzie's Diet Plan.

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