Obsessed with the laser pointer

Recently my man and I bought a projector for our living room in lieu of a TV. It's fabulous for watching movies and TV that streams online, but it has created an absolute monster in Griff. He has always had an obsession with laser pointers - he doesn't stop chasing it long after it has disappeared - but this is something new.

We control the projector through a laptop. The mouse we use is projected to maybe 4" in height on the wall (which serves as our screen), and it drives Griff absolutely nuts. He can't stand it!! He will watch a movie to its entirety just to see if the mouse reappears on the wall. Even my screensaver entrances him into hoping he'll be able to chase the mystical mouse.

But it gets exponentially worse with the laser pointer. Griff has an obsession with a capital "O". Seriously. Our new remote has a laser pointer on it....he would probably chase the pointer until he died of exhaustion and not think twice about it. I like to think it goes back to his herding roots, or maybe he thinks it's a crazy fly, but I'm afraid he's obsessed about it after it has disappeared. Is this actually psychologically harmful to my crazy little corgi? Has anyone else noticed this in their Pem or Cardi? It's honestly out of control...

And on a totally unrelated note, I'm kind of bummed that my photo is not one of the calendar finalists. It only bums me out because I'm a photographer and I love my pics of Griff, and plus we need a Fluff!!! oh the calendar. Oh well! C'est la vie :)

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