One week in, and already things have changed so much with my freckle-tummied little stub wagger. She is almost sleeping though the night. Last night, we went to bed around midnight, and she didn't wake me up until seven-thirty in the morning! Which surprised me, since I didn't think she was capable of holding it that long at the age of ten weeks. In any case, it was a nice break from the ~4:30 wakeup call I had been getting in between sleeping for the past six days. Although anticipated, it certainly meant that whenever she took her first nap during the day, I was crashed out beside her.

She has also become more energtic, goofy, and independent. I used to be able to take her outside and she would meekly stay by my side, doing her business, sniffing around, but generally making sure that I was close by. Now, she runs like the wind across the grass, trying to explore as far as she can before I catch up with her and make her return to her business. She also dearly loves going over to greet the next door neighbors' dogs, Fred and Barney. Especially Fred. When she first met him last week, she was terrified to even come close, but would come over if I was over there and called her to me. Now, she goes over there purposefully to sniff at his face, roll over on her back, and try to engage play. Which I allow, at least in part, but I think I am going to need to start leashing her when I go over there, because she's no longer shy about roaming.

However, she is still quite adorable and mostly well-mannered. I need to work on the nibbling on people issue, though, since she does like to chew fingers. Which will not be fun when she is a big girl if she keeps it up. She also had an issue with pooping in the house today once, which she hasn't done before. I think she is getting more distracted by the desire to go outside and see Fred than by going potty. So I'm going to start taking her to the back yard area where she can't see him to go potty first, then letting her go over to see him if she does her business.

Other than that, we've been working on her getting accustomed to the leash and collar, although it annoys her to no end. Which I can understand. I wouldn't really like it if someone put a collar and leash on me, either. I need to set up a vet appointment soon so I can take her in for a basic checkup and her next set of shots, too.

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