Hi All,

Well it has been along time since I have been on the site! Oscar & Sam's Dad's Brian & Paul have been busy renovating our Home Langi Dorn and have almost finished. Our dogs Sam (Australian Red Cattle Dog) & Oscar (Welsh Pembroke Corgi) have taken to rural life very well. We haven't had anymore issue's with Brown or Red Belly Black Snakes though now we are heading into spring & summer we have to be on our guard!.

Now the reason for my post Oscar my Loyal companion and Loving Corgi had his annual check I have known for a while he has issues and my new vet brought them to my attention last Friday! Oscar has arthritis in his rear legs and spine!. he also has muscle wastage in his rear right leg and has arthritis in both rear legs and his spine the vet has given me options and this is where I need help from anybody on here with mature aged Corgi's

The vet said that I could put him on tablets for the rest of his life to ease the pain! there are injections 1 every week for a month then a follow up and this may need to be an ongoing issue. laser treatment. Now my Partner Paul in an RN and he said that the tablet option has to go thru the liver & Kidney's before getting to the area now how toxic is this and blood tests need to be done!. Injections how effective are these?. and I thought they get right to the spot and how harmful are they to Oscar?. Can anyone shed a light on any of these treatments for me I'm trying to make an informed decision here and want to do what's right for Oscar and make his remaining years with us as painless and comfortable as possible!. The vet also suggested hydrotherapy for Oscar but I know when we take the boys to the beach Sam is in the water like Flynn Oscar just stands there looking! I think putting him in water would scare him and the last thing I want is his big heart to give out!. He has his baths but the look he gives me each time tells me he is not a big fan!!!.

Oscar also has cloudiness over his eyes the vet mentioned cataracts and yes they can be removed but I worry that putting Oscar under for an operation could be fateful?. We are changing his bed to a tempura dog bed (memory foam) so he does not have to jump up and off his trampoline bed and that the orthopaedic dog bed will be better for him. We have also taken steps to stop Oscar going up and down stairs I carry him which he hates He has this look on his face as if to say Dad I can do this knowing full well it hurts him!.

I have also come to the decision today if and when the time comes and if Oscar does not go to dog heaven in his sleep that I will not under any circumstances take him to a vet clinic that is sterile and cold and Oscar's last thoughts are of fear I couldn't live with myself knowing I did this to my loyal dog!. I have told Paul if and when that time comes the vet is to come to the home I want Oscar in his environment where he has been happy and he has Sam and his Dad's there with him and I will get my old vet Fiona to come as she has known Oscar from when he was 3 months old.

You may think I sound morbid and some people may say Oscar is only a dog but hey he's my Dog and he deserves the best in life I'm hoping he will go on for years but I also have to be realistic I will lose him one day not just now!.

Sorry to go on but I think you would all agree we would all do the same for our animals. I will opt for cremation as if we sold the property and Oscar was buried on the property I can't take him with me and at least with cremation he's with me.

If anybody could give me there thoughts on any of the treatment options I would be most grateful.

I hope this post finds you and your family members human or animal all happy and healthy?.

Kind regards

Brian  Oscars Dad

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Comment by Linda on September 7, 2015 at 8:20am

Brian....very glad to hear you have someone you can talk to who understands what you and Oscar are going thru.

Comment by Brian D Graham on September 7, 2015 at 7:50am

Hi Linda thank you for the very informed message I almost broke down in front of a friend today at work who has known Oscar for 11 years Penny knows how much I adore Oscar. Penny  said to use her as a sounding board Penny is a retired vet and lives in the building where I work and Penny knows when I go quiet something is on my mind and when she saw me this morning she knew something was wrong!. Penny has contacts and will help me make informed decisions and advise me on all steps of the process with Oscar,



Comment by Linda on September 6, 2015 at 10:55am

Brian...it's not morbid, I understand.  Max is 13 and has his problems.  He has IVDD in his neck and he has weakness in his backend.  He has trouble getting his hind feet under him especially on slippery surfaces and the smallest bump will have him sitting down in a hurry.  I am so grateful tho that he is not in any kind of pain.  He still manages to help Katie herd the cats.

When he first developed the IVDD in his neck 4 years ago he was in a great deal of pain and couldn't turn his head.  Pills only helped a little and I knew that staying on meds was not the answer.  I felt I was faced with an impossible decision but I would not allow him to be in pain, I promise all my animals I will not let them suffer.  A friend suggested acupuncture and all I can say is it gave Max back his life.  It took away the pain, he has full range of motion in his neck...it took 5 years off his age.  Two things the acupuncture vet told me was to raise his food and water bowls...they do make them for short dogs.  Also build ramps where possible to minimize doing stairs.  My husband built a ramp off the deck for him and he took right to it.  He has not had a treatment in 2 years and is still doing great.  The weakness in his back end came on slowly, started with tremors and now he sploots even when he isn't trying.  He has always insisted he come up stairs at night and building a ramp for the inside staircase was not possible.  We installed carpeted stair treads, it helps him get a purchase with his feet and he comes up the stairs like a champ.

As for pain shots....I know for myself as one who had back surgery they do work but after so long they seem to stop.  At least it did for me, I now use acupuncture for my back thanks to the success with Max.  I have heard good things about laser treatment tho have no experience.  As for surgery for cataracts the vet should do blood tests before putting him under to see if he will tolerate being knocked out.  I was a basket case when Max had to be put under to have a tooth removed and then again to remove a very large fatty lump but he came thru both just fine.

I wish you the best in finding the right treatment for Oscar, they may be "only a dog" but they are part of our families and their pain and loss affects deeply.  I know I have to fight tears at times when I look at my guys and know that I don't have years and years left with them.  Please keep us posted on how things are going.

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