So after a pretty much uneventful night, no whining, no crying, no potty accidents or any hoopla with Spooky, the cat, we had our first morning. Pretty good over all.

I came out of my room and let him out to pee while I woke the kids up. Ein was a little excited when the boy came out of his room, and jumped a little, but this was quickly corrected to a more proper behavior, and was a little darty when he tried to leave out for the bus. It took a couple minutes of patience for him to back up out of the laundry room before me and sis could go out to the garage to take her to school.

He doesn't show any real signs of separation anxiety like you can see with a shelter dog the first day or two home, but will keep my eye out for this. He also enjoyed a bowl of kibble for breakfast while the girl was dressing to keep him out from underfoot.

He is eagerly submissive, but overly to the point of being fearful. Despite being housetrained, he doesn't show any other signs of obedience skills yet, no sitting, down or anything. Once I got back from taking sis to school, we went for our first walk. I know I should have taken him on one yesterday, but with a lot of the anxiety he was showing, and his shutting down when we tried to walk him from the rescue to the truck and then from the truck to the house yesterday seemed like more than enough.

He has great leash skills. He seemed shy to get the leash on at first, but once i knelt down to his level, he came over and got his lead on easily. He didn't charge out the front door as I opened it, and went into 'traveling' mode right away. We did a nice long circuit through the neighborhood and I made special attention to avoid the road crew in one section of housing, at least til we get to have some more trust and confidence.
I forgot to grab a bag for poo, but thankfully today is trash day, and right across the street there was a couple boxes sitting next to the garbage can, so I 'borrowed' a couple flaps and picked up the toilet and threw it away. I'm making a trip to PetSmart after school to pick up a good chewy toy and one of those bags on board dealies so I don't forget again.

Time to grab the tennis ball and go play in the backyard some since he's gone out to pee and harangue the neighbors some more.

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