laundry laundry laudry! Pack pack pack!


So ace and I are doing our laundry *as well as mom and dads*

Then we are packing up for tomorrow~!

my brother wont be amused to find he has to take 2 kennels with him... we have Ace's sleeping kennel and Ace's Travel kennel.. i know im weird he has 2 but his travel kennel is smaller *still big* but his sleeping one folds in on itself to make for easy transfer... and Ace KNOWS the difference between the two kennels... his sleeping one has his BED and a few toys he likes nomming on as he sleeps...

i know this may sound weird Ace is a LITTLE spoiled since he is MY dog lol..

though Buffy and Scrappy are spoiled in their own way.. i buy Scrappy a new hoodie/jacket each winter lol he loves his coats~ and Buffy well she gets special treats neither the boys get *a little bit of table scrap as long as its not pork* thats because well moma nd dadwont listen when i say its not good for her XP

but anyways... gonan be packing up ace's toys tonight.. he will be miffed.. then tomorrow when i get up before work his sleeping kennel will be folded down and he will be annoyed with that too... though he loves going bye bye though i think he will have a problem since i alway sit by his kennel in the car and John puts the kennels in the back where there are no seats.. sooo munchkin will be mad the first few miles but he usually passes right out and since its a three hour car ride he will sleep through it

I wonder if he is going to bring Bebe with him, thats my brothers pug~ i was mad at my brother at first because my first Corgi was going to be named Bebe... and my mom was like you cant name a boy bebe and im like.. oh but they can be nammed Fluffy and such? lol but its all good.. she looks like a bebe and my brother made us all laugh when he brought her up for Christmas

im so excited.. we get to see Ace play with his cousin and i think we are hiking at some falls on Saturday then Sunday we are having a memorial day weekend BBQ might run into my mom and grandparents this weekend also to go see my uncles, great uncle, great aunt and great grandparents graves... i missed hte last two years of doing so because of work... i think this year will be a year of relaxing and taking what days off i feel like.. sorry to my bosses but.. this year i have realized i have given up to much to that place and i have gottne nothing in return but a lower self esteme, lower self confidence... and 2nd guessing myself about myself... not to mention i have worked my butt off and gotten nothing in return from them no thank you no pat on the back.. people who have worked there as long as i have have gotten promotions and im stuck here going what am i doing wrong... then new people come in a month later they get promotted... bah... anyways... year of relaxation... ace will love it since it means more time with him... it also means more vacations.. which i need.. i know that sounds bad but.. recently i have been stressing so bad... i think wrong thoughts... and have to keep telling myself if i go then who will take care of ace and what would that do to my family...

but im better now... I got an outing this weekend and i jumped at it.. other wise it would be work work work and i would die die die LOL..

speaking of laundry.. i have to go due some.. later~

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