My home has been invaded by obnoxious furballs. They are stealing my treats, my dinner, and my toys. One has even claimed my bed. I'm not sure why they are here, but I certainly hope that their stay is brief. I can barely tolerate Derpy Dante.

The fluffy vaccum that my bipeds refer to as Thorgi (what a dumb name!), can't even bother to keep both of his ears standing when he is tired. What kind of Corgi can't hold both ears up? Sheer laziness, I tell you! And the darn thing is already showing me up in training skills! I don't trust him. At all.

I thought the dumb Dante (who has learned to talk back recently, by the way-no fair!) was bad enough, but the walking accident known as Stormy is in desperate need of a bubble suit, helmet, or some kind of safety gear. I think he's an entire shipment short of a Barkbox, if you know what I mean....Ugh, I think he just layed down on his own poop again. No Corgi pride, I tell you! He is embarassing!

My people went through a really tough time, so I took it easy on the plans of domination, but they seem to have mended things and I now have two people to sneak treats from again. As it should be. Now that everything is back to normal I need to start training them to supply stuffed hooves and tracheas on command.

Just the other day I s--HOLD ON. That...THING...just sat on my bed again. I must deal with this immediately!!!
Oh crud. I think he's growing on me. I just let him lay on me. Willingly. I just...I...Ugh.


That's it for now. This puppy snuggling just made me tired. *Yawn*

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Comment by Emily & Scout on January 23, 2013 at 4:49pm

From Scout:  I am in the midst of an invasion, too!  His name is Jase and he is 12 weeks old.  He jumps on me, cries in his cage, and tries to eat MY food after he finishes his.  Mommy makes sure that I still get her all to myself  for a little bit, and it's not that bad.  I have actually started to play with the little brat.
Wishing you luck with your brothers!

Comment by Bogart the Cardigan on January 23, 2013 at 6:19am

Poor Pippa!!!

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