For the 1st time this morning, a week after we got Jase, Scout played with him! I was so happy since she is showing that she doesn't find him a total annoyance! Of course, my husband had to ruin it because scout opened her mouth and he yelled because he thought she was biting. (Again, human training is hard!). Jase has now gone ove r 48 hours without an accident in the house. He knows sit, look at me, and lay down. He is also a good boy and will sit for his dinner! He does have one bad habit. He likes to try to eat rocks, lije small rocks he could swallow, so we are avoiding the driveway when we are out. And a fence is goung up for a dog safe area sometime in the spring. I will post pictures soon if I can do it from my phone. ,

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Comment by Lobo and Cadence on January 21, 2013 at 11:09am

How old is Jase?

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