OK.  Has anyone else notice their corgi doing this:

I took Scout to work the past 2 days.  Today, we took a walk down to the railroad tracks near work and walked a little way on them.  Somehow, she knew how to easily travel the steps with a corgi - hop.  She puts her front 2 feet on 1 rail, jumps, and her back feet land perfectly on the same rail while her front hop to the next. Repeat as needed.  She was able to easily keep up with me this way. Seems she doesn't want to walk on the sharp stone so she figured out a way around it.


Just 2 more days of work until we (me, her, and my fiance) go to my Grandma's where there will be 3 other dogs to tire her out (one is a <1 yr old border collie mix, so that'll do the trick)

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Comment by Melissa and Franklin! on December 21, 2011 at 12:42pm

Franklin just goes out of the tracks and runs beside them lol. 

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