Thanks to all the positive comments I will look for the slow feeding bowl I make a point of being with Oscar when he eats his dry food and he is getting better and with his wet food also we have started the mammoth task of starting to repaint the inside of the house!. we are going room by room and changing the beige to white so far we have done the formal dining and between the formal dining room & the kitchen. the kitchen and laundry was done before we moved in next is the formal sitting room!. we are looking on e bay for antique mahogany furniture or reproduction we got a stunning 10 seat dining table and now we are looking for chairs!. as we sold the house furnished accept for the antique's and the mahogany furniture we are going room by room and buying we the need arises!. we brought all new beds in keeping with the house but trying to find period furniture we like is proving a challenge!. Oscar & Sam love their new house thank goodness Paul is home during the day as my daily commute by train sees me gone for 12 hours!. Though I know they are well looked after!. Today they have gone to the hospital with Paul the patients and kitchen staff make a fuss over them!. when I'm on the afternoon shift on the weekends they are home with me and then there is a 2 hours when the have a sleep time till Paul arrives home.  

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